Where to get Garaffa Tenderloin in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Prepare to search low and high for this snack.

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Garaffa Tenderloin is a rare drop in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These can drop from various members of the Garaffa family of monsters, including the Mailoo Garaffa. You can find these creatures in different regions, but the Mailoo Garaffa will always spawn in one specific area. This guide will explain how to find and get Garaffa Tenderloin in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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How to find Garaffa Tenderloin in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Several areas have high-level Garaffa variants, but the Mailoo Garaffa is a lower level than the rest and more accessible to farm efficiently. Skip Travel to Colony 30 in the Fornis region to find this majestic creature. If you look at the map below, once you teleport to Colony 30’s entrance, leave the base and follow the dirt road as it winds downhill.

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If you run from point one to point two on the map below, you will encounter six or seven of these creatures. After you clear out all the Mailoo Garaffa in area two, you must Skip Travel to a different region, then fast travel back to force these monsters to populate this route again.

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Garaffa Tenderloin is a rare drop after defeating this creature. This creature drops various items due to its size; unfortunately, Garaffa Tenderloin is scarce. One way you can help your method is to go to a Rest Spot and cook the Well-Dressed Maktha Salad. This meal offers a 20% Enemy Drop Boost. This will cause Garaffa Tenderloins to drop in much higher numbers for each run you make.

This meal will last for about an hour, so eat up, then run the route pictured above repeatedly. If you do it properly, you can earn about a hundred pieces of this rare meat in about an hour’s worth of farming.