Where to get Starshrooms in Genshin Impact – Starshroom Locations

There’s always room for shrooms.

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Starshrooms are a new ingredient in Genshin Impact that is found deep in the planet, and is a food material added in update 2.6. These fungi have their tip split once fully matured, and resemble a five-pointed star.

Growing in darker places near water, the Underground Mines of the Chasm is the ideal area for seeking these out. Head to The Chasm’s Maw and take the elevator downwards.

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Starshrooms location in Genshin

Starshrooms are predominantly found in the southeast part of the Underground Mines of the Chasm, but can also be found in slightly less density to the northeast and center of the map. With how difficult it can become to move around in the Chasm, it’s ideal to take some time to grab all the necessary ingredients once, rather than taking a few at a time — it will save adventurers time in the long run.

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As seen with the map, where each red dot notates a singular Starshroom, players can spend quite a bit of time within the Underground Mines grabbing every available ingredient for 68 total. The Starshroom respawns during daily resets.

The downside of needing to head into the Underground Mines is that the area is filled with enemies, and players should expect the need to clear out quite a few spawns in order to claim every available ingredient safely, but the whole region can be sped through in roughly 15 minutes if you’re planning on dodging combat. After picking up two of these ingredients, a new quest will proc called Mycological Investigation in The Chasm from Khedive, tasking players with ultimately picking an additional eight mushrooms and returning to the NPC for some easy experience, 20 Primogems and 40,000 Mora.

As this is the only quest currently tied to the Starshroom, it’s safe to use the rest for cooking meals to ensure your party is well healed and sated prior to diving into harder content.