Apex Legends Conduit Skin is a Clear Nod to Overwatch’s Tracer

Respawn Entertainment has given new Apex Legends character Conduit a skin that clearly references Tracer from the Overwatch series.

conduit with sunglasses throwing shade at tracer in overwatch apex legends

Screenshot by Gamepur

Developer Respawn Entertainment has announced Apex Legend Season 19 Ignite. It showed off a new Legend, Conduit, alongside the usual upcoming content. However, while we had access to the character, we noticed a skin that looked a little fishy.

Conduit has 44 skins in total for players to earn when Season 19 goes live, one of which the development team clearly enjoyed way too much while creating. The combination of its colors, the way it looks, and Conduit’s stature come together to make for a skin that looks a lot like one of the most iconic characters in the Overwatch lineup. Tracer.

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Conduit’s No Shade Skin is an Easter Egg for Overwatch Fans

Screenshot by Gamepur

The skin in question that’s a blatant reference to Tracer from Overwatch is the No Shade skin. Despite Conduit having 44 skins to collect, this one sticks out like a sore thumb, as can be seen in the screenshot we took while we had early access to the game above.

All of Conduit’s Legendary skins, the rarest for her in Apex Legends, have a lovely base that gives her some sunglasses and a great suit layout. From the looks of it, we’d like to say that the development team created the base for these Legendary skins, realized they looked a lot like Tracer, and built this skin as a reference. Hence why it’s called No Shade.

While there’s no link between Apex Legends and the Overwatch franchise, they’re both online games with fiercely competitive fan bases. We wouldn’t be surprised if the development teams know each other on some level, which may have spurred on the No Shade skin even more.

Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite will introduce some amazing new features, including cross-platform progression and a new addition to Ranked Mode. No longer will ratting or playing passively get players through multiple ranks because Promo Trials require them to engage with matches and get kills if they want to move up.

Of course, the best and biggest feature in Season 19 Ignite is Conduit herself. A shield support Legend built to help teammates keep their shields high and encourage close cooperation. Her Ultimate, Energy Barrier, creates a wall of shield jammers that will shut down enemy shields and deal damage, which could be the difference between a win and a loss in the final ring.