Beware, boy — God of War Ragnarok spoilers hit the internet

The gods have loose tongues.

Image via PlayStation

In our God of War Ragnarok preview, we said that the sequel to the 2018 adventure feels like the Terminator 2 of the series. A lot of readers will stop there, not wanting to spoil any of the game’s content for themselves. If you’re a part of that group, then be extra careful out there over the next few weeks — spoilers are in play now.

For sake of avoiding being the ones to ruin the surprise, we will not link to the Twitter account responsible for the leaks. However, we have seen the screenshots ourselves and can verify they show several moments that developer Sony Santa Monica has kept under wraps, and for good reason. Use caution when on social media, and consider muting God of War Ragnarok and other associated terms if you’re trying to go in blind.

As far as non-spoiler content, the studio has also started a behind-the-scenes video series that provides a look at each of the game’s Nine Realms. The first entry examines Midgard, where the bulk of the previous game took place; it also confirmed that Ragnarok could have been split into two games, making the Norse saga a full trilogy. As it stands, the new game will wrap up the story set up by the events of God of War 2018. The behind-the-scenes video serves as a quick way to get caught up if you haven’t played that game but want to jump into Ragnarok anyway. There’s also an official recap video done in a storybook style.

Those trying to dodge spoilers only have to do so for about two weeks, since God of War Ragnarok releases on Wednesday, November 9. That same day, a PlayStation 5 bundle will hit store shelves, packaging together a console with a disc drive, a DualSense controller, and a copy of Ragnarok. Since some will be curious, no, the game will not be available on PlayStation Plus.