Destiny 2’s players face extinction in Lightfall, and Bungie’s latest ViDoc highlights the oncoming threats

Destiny 2 players are about to step into a warzone.

Image via Bungie

Today, Bungie unveiled the Destiny 2 As Light Falls video, a documentary look at Lightfall and the year ahead for players. We’re weeks away from jumping into the Lightfall expansion, and following the epic events from this week’s earlier finale mission, Final Dawn, fans are eager to find out what’s going to happen to The Traveler and The Witness, along with how they fit into everything.

The video breaks down the upcoming threat of The Witness and what the battle on Neptune will look like when Lightfall arrives. The hope is for Destiny 2 players to feel that they’re walking into an active warzone and players are the tip of the spear attacking the onslaught of armies led by The Witness and a recently-transformed Calus.

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Some of the exciting topics discussed in the ViDoc focused on the upcoming arrival of Strand and how it stands to be something The Witness does not expect. It’ll be a key force against The Witness’s forces, where Guardians discover this unique ability within themselves rather than an outside force. What makes Strand special is wanting to focus on the traversal side of Destiny 2 rather than making it another damaging effect and trying to take it in an unexpected route.

The Bungie team also touched on the upcoming Season of Defiance on how there’s also going to be a fight on the homefront, with key characters working to protect Earth and those trying to avoid the conflict. Although we won’t know until closer to the release date, the seasonal activities in Season of Defiance might have something to do with focusing on saving key forces on Earth and enduring The Witness’ invasion outside of Neptune.

Lightfall will be a critical moment for Destiny 2 players, and Bungie teases that this is setting up their grand finale for the Light versus Dark saga they’ve been telling over the past few years. This is not the end for Destiny 2, but when Lightfall and the Season of Defiance launch on February 28, we’re one step closer to seeing the conclusion to this destructive saga.