Diablo 4 beta files found on Battle.net, suggesting it may launch this year

Hell yeah.

Image via Blizzard

To call Diablo IV a highly anticipated game would be an understatement. Fans have been pining for the next game in the series for roughly a decade now, and Diablo Immortal didn’t cut it thanks to pay-to-win controversies. Thanks to a new under-the-hood update on Battle.net, it looks like fans will be able to get their hands on the beta form of Diablo IV soon.

As spotted by Wowhead, Battle.net’s catalog config files now include references to the Diablo IV beta. As you can see in the screenshot below, the file says “Fenris,” which is the code name that Blizzard was using to develop the game. There’s nothing shown that would indicate beta dates or file sizes, but the screenshot is still very real. A change in the config indicates that Blizzard is prepping the launcher to offer the beta in the near future.

Image via Wowhead

Of course, we don’t know quite when the Diablo IV beta will start, but sign-ups are open right now. Given that signing up requires a Battle.net account, the beta is expected to be closed. Those who want to give it a go should sign up if they haven’t already, especially if it’s starting soon.

The beta dates are up in the air, and the same goes for Diablo IV’s full release date. We do know that the game is currently in “company-wide internal testing,” a fact that has left fans divided over the potential launch date. Some believe a 2022 launch is still possible, even with World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion arriving by December. Others anticipate a 2023 launch date for Diablo IV. In any case, a beta shows that development is in its later stages, and it gives some credence to those expecting it to arrive this year.

Diablo IV has been receiving quarterly updates for some time now, so we do know a good deal of information about the upcoming dungeon-crawler. In addition to the obvious PC release, it will also come to PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and it will support crossplay as well. The new Legendary mechanic is being touted as a game-changer, allowing players to transfer their favorite perks between different pieces of gear.