Dragon Age: Dreadwolf QA team unionizes after unanimous vote

The ‘dreaded’ vote has been counted.

Image via BioWare

Dragon Age 4 has been officially named Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a new RPG from BioWare, but don’t forget that there are numerous people working to bring you all of those wonderful adventures. One such development team has just voted to unionize.

There was a previous report about the then-titled Dragon Age 4 QA team unionizing, and it has now turned out to be true. As shared on Twitter, KWS Edmonton United has “unanimously voted 16-0 and will be forming a union.” Previously, KWS has supported BioWare projects like Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Legacy of the Sith expansion, and it’s also lending its QA talents to the studio for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. KWS is located in Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. Covid cases averaged 1,000 a day when the unionization report came around, and health concerns were a primary driving force in unionizing. While that case number has since decreased, it’s great to see KWS vote affirmatively nonetheless. More details about the organization will come later.

More details about Dreadwolf will come later too. We don’t know much about the upcoming RPG at this time, but even the name carries a lot of weight. If you’re wondering who the Dreadwolf is, here’s the short version: it’s Fen’Harel, the elven god of trickery and betrayal. Dragon Age: Inquisition party member Solas was revealed to be the embodiment of the deity, kicking off the events of the new game. Get ready for a lot of fan theories.

As for concrete information, we don’t know much. We have seen concept art of a new character class, one that combines archery with magical abilities. After the game’s senior creative director left BioWare, there was concern about the status of the new game, but Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is still reportedly on track to release in 2023.