Elden Ring meets Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy with new Cloud cosplay mod

From Olympus Coliseum to Limgrave Coliseum.

Image via Square Enix and FromSoftware

The Elden Ring mod scene has not slowed down one bit since the game launched back in February. That sounds about right for a game that shipped 12 million units in its first month alone. The Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fans are just as active, and now all three can come together with a new mod.

Cloud crossed over from Final Fantasy into the original Kingdom Hearts, making this Elden Ring mod an Inception-style move. Creator Tallmaget’s Cloud mod is available on NexusMods. The reskin replaces a number of Elden Ring armor pieces: the Marais Mask, Blaidd’s Armor, Radahn’s Gauntlets, and Radahn’s Grieves. If you’re missing any of those, here are a pair of guides on how to get Blaidd’s Armor and how to start the Radahn Festival. Tallmaget provides both a regular and glossy version of Cloud as he appears in Kingdom Hearts’ Olympus Coliseum, the Hercules-inspired level. If you really want to complete the look, you can also grab the Final Fantasy VII Remake Buster Sword mod, which swaps out any greatsword in the game for Cloud’s signature, oversized blade.

If you’ve been playing around with Elden Ring mods in the PC version of FromSoftware’s latest title, then you already know that the game must be run offline in order to use them. That goes for simple reskins too, like the ones here or Link’s Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Other Elden mods add new classes and change existing ones, which makes the offline mandate more understandable.

Some of the best mods you can get are straight-up funny, like the one that replaces the Tree Sentinel’s mount with Thomas the Tank Engine. Others are clever and referential, like the Arya Stark reskin. Elden Ring’s Grafted Blade Greatsword already references George R.R. Martin’s work on Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire, but that mod brings everything full circle.