Fans Teased by Fortnite OG’s Big Bang Event Time Machine Rocket

Epic Games has put out a teaser for Fortnite OG’s The Big Bang Event, and it shows a variation on Season X’s The End event.


Image via Epic Games

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Today, Epic Games gave Fortnite players a taste of what’s to come when Fortnite OG ends with The Big Bang Event. A short clip has been posted online showing the rocket currently awaiting launch on the map, soaring through the sky with an active time machine.

Fortnite OG is set to end this coming week with The Big Bang Event on December 2. While a few details have been revealed, most are still under wraps. Leakers indicate that an Eminem concert will take place where those using his skins can enjoy the music in style, however, details on how the map will end are light. In Season X, which the final week of Fortnite OG is based on, rockets and a meteor caused the map to implode into a black hole. As of today, we know the rocket will launch in Fortnite OG, but with a difference.

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Players Don’t Want Fortnite OG to End Even Though They’re Excited for the Time Machine Rocket Launch

Today’s post from Epic Games on the official Fortnite Twitter account contains a short clip from some point during The Big Bang Event. It shows the rocket breaking free of its bonds and soaring up off the map. As it does, the time machine that’s been strapped to it seems to burst into life, which could be a worrying sign.

While no one understands why the time machine is flickering on the rocket, they get the message that this is the end of Fortnite OG. The test on the post reads, “Ready for Round 2?” which we believe refers to a second round of Fortnite Season X’s The End event.

Most players aren’t ready to leave this classic reliving of Fortnite Chapter 1 seasons behind. “NO I’M NOT I DON’T WANNA LOSE THIS ISLAND FOR THE 2ND TIME.” They’re enjoying their time too much and don’t want to see the map they love get destroyed all over again.

Other fans and content creators are more than ready to see the map implode. In fact, they’re digging up clips from when they saw The End the first time around so they can get everyone excited about what’s about to happen.

It’s difficult to say if the next step for Fortnite is a return to Chapter 2 or a fresh start with Chapter 5. Chapter 2 had a colossal eight seasons that players worked through, and Epic Games trimmed each Chapter down following that. If Epic Games were to keep the rerun theme going that it established with Fortnite OG, the season’s success indicates the players would almost certainly welcome it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

These clips caused us to worry we’d missed something. So we hopped into the game to make sure the rocket hadn’t launched yet and can confirm, as can be seen in the image above, that the rocket is still firmly on the ground in Fortnite OG.