Fortnite Update 12.50 – Patch notes

Lots of fixes.


Fortnite’s 12.50 update is available to download right now, and while Epic continue to be shy with patch notes, we have pieced the below together from the Community Trello Board, which keeps a running tally of issues in the game. Dataminers have also turned up plenty of information that is not mentioned anywhere on the board.

Of interest in this patch are nerfs to Aim Assist, to stop it being quite so laser-like on PC, and the Heavy Sniper, to stop it being quite so game-impacting. The in-game lore on the Heavy Sniper change is that some pesky Ghost agents have tampered with them, but the exact details about what has changed are not yet known.

A new mode and a new map also appear to be on the way, providing a social space for people to relax and enjoy minigames. Some new posters have begun to appear in the game that seem to tease Season 3, telling us to expect rain. The posters all display the No Sweat Insurance logo, so it is probably time to get worried.

You can find the info that we pulled from the Community Trello Board below.


  • Framerate and resolution drops in v12.41

Battle Royale

  • Local Challenges not appearing when entering a new area
  • “Block damage with a Kingsman” Challenge not tracking progress

Save the World

  • Surround Pound’s heavy attack may not deal damage to husks
  • Players may be swapped to their pickaxe when using an ability that’s on cooldown
  • Stormking Onslaught Projectiles are not functioning correctly
  • Players may become stuck in a previous Dungeons zone while their teammates are in the next one
  • Psylocke’s Pickaxe does not swing properly


  • Video playback disabled on Android
  • Extra Build buttons display Wall icons
  • Ping marker displays 0m