Gamers Doubt Game Awards 2023 Credibility After Destiny 2 Nominated For Best Community Support

Following Bungie’s recent layoffs, including Destiny 2’s community manager, the game’s award nomination is confusing to say the least.

Riven reaching out

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 has been nominated for an award at 2023’s Game Awards show for Best Community Support. In the wake of Bungie’s extremely recent layoffs, including the game’s community manager, though, players and gamers in general are confused as to why this nomination hasn’t been pulled.

For the majority of its existence, Destiny 2 has had a superb community management team that’s always had its finger on the pulse of what players are saying and feel the game needs. While not every request for updates and new features could be addressed, the team did an amazing job of communicating with the fan base, even if they didn’t always like what was said. Now the driving force behind that effort is gone, players don’t see why Destiny 2 deserves to win the Best Community Support award at the 2023 Game Awards.

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Players are Astounded Destiny 2 is Nominated for Best Community Support After Bungie Layoffs

Today Geoff Keighley announced that Destiny 2 had been nominated for the Best Community Support award at the Game Awards 2023. The announcement came across as tone-deaf to the layoffs of so many developers from the game’s developer, including Destiny 2’s community manager and the composer of Deep Stone Lullaby.

While players are willing to believe that the game’s nomination was finalized before the layoffs, given recent events, they can’t get their heads around why the game is still up for the award. Over on the Destiny 2 Subreddit, they’ve not been shy about sharing their views on the matter.

“Seriously, what a fu**in joke. Laid off Bungie employees are flaming them in the replies thankfully.” Some fans are furious, while others are past the point of being angry and are making light of how terrible the situation is for anyone accepting or presenting the award.

“We’re sorry, X, Y, and Z employees couldn’t be here tonight to accept this award. They’re home scouring Indeed for job opportunities. I mean, PRESUMABLY! How the hell could we know for sure? Could be getting hammered…”

Bungie has already explained that Destiny 2’s seasonal content will be replaced by Episodic content following the launch of The Final Shape expansion. The community isn’t happy about this, yet the game seems to be the best contender for this award because it’s the best of a bad bunch. It’s calling many to question how legitimate the Game Awards are and why they get so excited about them.

Our favorite comment was, “I think it’d be really funny if they gave it the award and then stated it was posthumous.” The irony is that while the majority of the Destiny 2 community is fairly positive, the Subreddit has always been a source of negativity over whatever changes are made to the game.

Today though, the Subreddit seems to be the most accurate representation of the game’s community as a whole. Players are about to get the final season for Destiny 2, Season of the Wish, at the end of the month, and all anyone is concerned about is how Bungie is putting the game on autopilot after that season ends.