Halo Infinite Game Pass Ultimate perks include XP boosts in December

We put free stuff in your free stuff.

Image via Xbox

We already knew that Halo Infinite would offer monthly bonuses for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, but details were scarce. It seems we’ll learn of each round of bonuses at the start of the month because December’s freebies were just announced.

As part of the latest “Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass” blog post, Xbox detailed the December Halo Infinite bonuses in the Ultimate Perks section. Subscribers to that tier will receive the green Pass Tense MA40 Assault Rifle coating, four challenge swaps, and four double XP boosts — those should be even more helpful now that significant daily XP rewards are in play. Of course, Halo Infinite itself will also be available on Game Pass for PC and Xbox on day one, so it’s like free stuff on top of free stuff for Ultimate subscribers. 

Day one is very close, too: Halo Infinite’s release date is December 8, and the launch trailer is building hype. It features Master Chief going toe to toe with the Banished, the big bad of Infinite. True to the game’s name, it also touts being “the biggest Halo ever.” It’s so popular that players have called for the option to disable cross-play due to the amount of cheating in the multiplayer beta happening right now.