Hitman 3 September roadmap teased with a glow-in-the-dark suit

Welcome to the rave, 47.

Image via IO Interactive

Hitman 3 is in its second year of new content. Throughout those two years, developer IO Interactive has continually released new stuff each month. September will be no exception, and we just got a tease about what’s coming next.

The Hitman 3 Twitter account has promised a “new roadmap” and a “new suit” as part of the next batch of content, and based on the wording of the tweet, we expect to see the full reveal on September 1. The tweet is accompanied by a short gif, which features Agent 47 walking down a dark hallway lit by dim red lights. 47 appears to be wearing some sort of suit that glows in the dark — almost certainly the same one we’ll be getting as part of September’s new content. Some other glowing shapes and images briefly flash in the gif, but it’s unclear if these are meant to hint at something more or if they’re simply aesthetic. Either way, there are some big rave vibes here, reminiscent of Hitman 3’s Berlin mission.

Each month of content has gotten its own roadmap. July brought us a whole new location with Ambrose Island, one of the most substantial additions in recent months. We do have a Silent Assassin guide for anyone who’s still struggling with that achievement on Ambrose Island.

August brought a new weapon, returning Elusive Targets, and more. Players could acquire the Floral Baller silenced pistol, unlock the Ruby Rude tracksuit, and take on an updated version of the Procurers. There might not have been a new map, but there was still plenty to do.

It’s unclear if September’s roadmap will include a new map either, though some replies to the teaser tweet are hopeful for one. Some also mention Freelancer Mode, a substantial new game mode that was originally meant to release in May of this year before being delayed. When Freelancer Mode does release, it’ll allow Hitman 3 players to customize a safe house, build a loadout, and take on a series of missions across all of the game’s locations.