Legendary Darkrai raids arrive in Pokemon Go for the weekend

Capture it now before it disappears again.


Pokémon Go has a limited-time raid weekend available featuring Darkrai, the Pitch-black Pokémon. You will have the chance to encounter them in five-star raids.

The exclusive raid weekend starts on March 6 at 8am and ends on March 9 at 10pm, during your local time. We have a raid guide covering how to best combat this powerful Pokémon, listing out its weaknesses and some of the best Pokémon to counter it.

The Darkrai legendary raid is the first of four different raids happening this month. Developer Niantic has a special legendary raid happening every weekend in March, each featuring a different legendary Pokémon. The last two of the month, Cobalion and Lugia will have exclusive moves on them that were previously unavailable. You can expect to encounter these raids during the same time frame every weekend, and at the same time, Thundurus will be available in five-star raids for the entire month.

Darkrai’s raid happens on the same weekend as the Team GO Rocket take-over event, so not only do you have the chance to capture Darkrai but you will want to battle Team GO Rocket members who have taken over PokéStops all over the world. Additionally, the three Rocket leaders, Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo, have a chance to use one of the exclusive shadow Pokémon you could rescue from them. You need to defeat Team GO Rocket grunts to construct a Rocket Radar to find them hidden in one of their hideouts.

The Darkrai raids start on March 6. Prepare for a full weekend in Pokémon Go with your friends participating in raids, and running Team GO Rocket out of their bases.