MultiVersus datamine suggests we’re getting a Goonies character, and fans want Sloth

As long as he gets his Baby Ruth.

Image via Warner Bros

The list of leaked and datamined characters in MultiVersus has been steadily growing since the game’s first playtests were held. The most recent discovery ought to delight anyone who enjoys kid’s movies from the 80s — it looks like we’re getting a character from The Goonies.

MultiVersus leaker @multiversusie shared the datamine on Twitter, which includes screenshots of several code strings arranged by media universe. These include Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Scooby Doo, and others that already have characters on the roster. The last property on the list, however, does not. It’s The Goonies, and while that name alone doesn’t tell us quite what Warner Bros has in mind for MultiVersus, we can make some educated guesses.

Looking at the replies to @multiversusie’s tweet, you can see plenty of players who expect the see Sloth, the gentle giant with a facial deformity who befriends the gang of kids during the film. Of the cast, he does seem to be the most likely pick, and it’s easy to imagine him as a tank character who bites into a Baby Ruth (his favorite candy) to restore health. Data and his many silly inventions could also make for an exciting fighter, especially now that actor Ke Huy Quan has had a resurgence thanks to Everything Everywhere All At Once, one of the year’s best movies. As for a possible Goonies stage, One-Eyed Willie’s pirate ship is the obvious choice.

Should Sloth be added to the MultiVersus roster, he won’t be the first 80s movie mascot on the list. The adorable little Gizmo and the mischievous Spike from Gremlins are both also playable characters. As it stands, MultiVersus has a wide variety of character origins, ranging from classic cartoons to DC comics.

In any case, that roster will continue to grow. Several characters have already been added as part of the game’s first season of content. DC Comics’ antihero Black Adam will also drop in sometime this season.