The Witch Queen is changing Artifacts, Masterwork armor, and Orbs of Power in Destiny 2

Bungie has been pondering the orb.

Image via Bungie

Bungie blessed us earlier this week with a new Witch Queen trailer that showed off Savathun’s throne world. Now, the Destiny 2 developer has released some important info about what’s changing with the new season when the expansion drops.

The latest This Week At Bungie blog post goes into fine detail about the changes coming to Artifacts, Masterwork armor, and Orbs of Power. First, there will no longer be a limit to how many Artifact mods you can unlock per season. As Bungie points out, you “could feasibly unlock all 25 Artifact mods by the end of the season” with this change. The pacing of the unlocks will be the same for the first 12, but after that, you’ll need increased XP for additional mods. You can still reset your Artifact and make different picks though. The Witch Queen season includes new mods, as well as returning fan-favorites like Anti-Barrier Scout Rifles and Bows.

If Masterwork armors are taking up too much of your vault space, then the tweaks to those ought to be helpful too. The new season will let you “change the energy type of a fully Masterworked piece of armor for a much-reduced cost.” It’ll cost you 10,000 Glimmer and an Upgrade Module to convert one piece of Legendary armor; converting an Exotic piece requires 20,000 Glimmer and an Upgrade Module.

Lastly, Orbs of Power are changing thanks to The Witch Queen’s new weapon crafting system. Masterwork status is no longer the method by which you’ll generate Orbs with multi-kills. Instead, this perk will come from armor mods, “which are unlocked automatically and plug into the Helmet Armor Mod socket.” The mods are linked to specific damage types, so you’ll earn Orbs by using weapons of the same affinity. Bungie wants players to experiment with a variety of weapons and weapon types in the new expansion, hence the changes.

All of these changes will roll out when The Witch Queen arrives next month. The expansion’s release date is February 22 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.