All Arenas quality-of-life changes in Genesis Collection Event update Apex Legends

Free shield batteries, in-game scoreboard, new report system and more.

Arenas in-game scoreboard

Image via Respawn

Arenas is shaping up be a pretty standard part of Apex Legends, and with that, changes are steadily rolling out to the secondary game mode that same way they are to Battle Royale with each update. The Genesis Collection Event is the first major update since Arenas released, it has brought a bunch of Arenas changes. Some of the updates have been specifically to Legend ability availability, and Arenas Shop prices, but this article will focus on the general things that are making Arenas a more enjoyable experience.

All Quality-of-Life changes

  • In-game scoreboard now on the right side of the map screen
    • It will show ally and enemy kills and damage
  • In-game way to report players
    • You can access it via the map screen

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  • In rounds 3-9, players will now spawn with a Shield Battery
    • This is in addition to the initial 2 shield cells and 2 syringes, not instead of
    • This is most likely to make up for the price shifts in the Arenas Shop

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  • All Arenas Care Packages now fall 5 seconds earlier in the round
    • This will make Care Package weapons, on average, a more viable option in round-to-round combat
  • 6x scope removed from base sniper weapons
    • It will now instead be a part of the Level 1 upgrade for Sniper Rifles
    • This will make it pricier to play sniper in Round 1