All Legend buffs, nerfs and changes for Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem

Seven legends are seeing ability changes, and one is seeing a major hitbox change.

Legendary Bangalore, Fuse and Lifeline

Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem brought us the new legend: Fuse, but it also brought a plethora of changes to our beloved existing cast of Legends. This season is just as full of nerfs as it is full of buffs, and there are also a couple of reworks that don’t fall into the nerf or buff categories. Note that this is only the Legend changes. If you are looking for weapon/loot changes, read that here. Now let’s dig in.

All Ability Changes

  • Caustic, [Ultimate] Nox Gas Grenade:
    • [Nerf ↓] Gas now dissipates if all members of the afflicting Caustic’s squad die
  • Crypto, [Tactical] Surveillance Drone:
    • [Nerf ↓] Arc Stars can no longer be stuck to friendly drones
  • Horizon, [Tactical] Gravity Lift:
    • [Nerf ↓] Gravity Lift effective cooldown is now 25 seconds (formerly 21)
    • [Change ↔] Cooldown timer will start at 15 seconds, once the Gravity Lift disappears
  • Octane, [Ultimate] Jump Pad:
    • [Change ↔] The Jump Pad has been completely reworked will now have two different major trajectories based on whether you are standing up right, or crouching down
      • Standing: High Arc, akin to the ‘Super Jump’ from the Launch Pad’s meta from the first few seasons of the game
      • Crouching: Low Arc, but a far horizontal leap, similar to how far players could go with the double jump
  • Mirage, [Tactical & Ultimate] Psyche Out, Life of the Party:
    • [Buff ↑] All Mirage decoys now make footstep noises
  • Loba, [Passive & Ultimate] Eye for Quality, Black Market Boutique:
    • [Buff ↑] Eye for Quality passive can now see high-tier loot inside of unopened care packages
    • [Buff ↑] Black Market Boutique can now steal loot from unopened care packages
  • Rampart, [Tactical & Ultimate] Amped Wall/Sheila:
    • [Buff ↑] Emplaced Minigun Sheila’s angle is now 180° (formerly 120°)
    • [Buff ↑] Walls now have 45hp during building phase (formerly destroyed as soon as they were hit by anything, though snipers will still pierce it)

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Hitbox Changes

Last season, Pathfinder got some major adjustments to his hitbox. This season, the same is happening to Wraith. The developers have stated that they are trying to bring down her win rate, yet again. This time, to attempt this, they making her hitbox larger, mostly on the lower half. This was done as a way to nerf her without touching her abilities. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially at the higher levels.

Wraith hitbox changes
Image via Respawn

Overall, there is a pretty fair balance of nerfs and buffs this season, as well as a couple of various changes that don’t fall into either category. Is there a change that stands out the most to you?