All new Set 8.5 traits and champions in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Ezreal’s leaving the recon team to go full Pulsefire this set.

Image via Riot Games

With each new Teamfight Tactics set, the most exciting news is the fresh and exciting additions to the trait and champion rosters. With Set 8.5, the mid-set for Monsters Attack!, fans now get a new host of portal-hopping, pulse-firing units. Now called Glitched Out!, Set 8.5 will have you mixing and matching champions and traits like never before.

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New traits in TFT Set 8.5


A new superhero team all their own, InfiniTeam is all about bringing in reinforcements. They do this with portals that spawn on your board. At the start of combat, any unit placed atop the portal will summon a version of themselves from a different universe (AKA a different TFT Set). They will spawn with random items.

  • Three InfiniTeam champions: One portal summoning a unit with 40% health and damage
  • Five InfiniTeam champions: Two portals summoning units with 55% health and damage
  • Seven InfiniTeam champions: Two portals summoning units with 90% health and damage

The six different InfiniTeam units are Lucian, Pantheon, Shen, Sivir, Twisted Fate, and Ultimate Ezreal.


Set 8 really liked its gun-shooting abilities, and Set 8.5 is no different. Units with the Quickdraw trait fire a bonus ability projectile after every 2 damaging ability projectiles.

  • Two Quickdraw: the bonus projectile deals 60% total damage
  • Two Quickdraw: the bonus projectile deals 100% total damage
  • Two Quickdraw: the bonus projectile deals 140% total damage

The Quickdraw units include Lucian, Miss Fortune, Kai’sa, and the Underground version of Ezreal. Not the five-cost, Pulsefire Ezreal.


When you have all three Riftwalker champions, they open a gap between dimensions, summoning their ally, Zac. Once on the board, Zac grows in power based on the star level of his fellow Riftwalkers. Zac also gets the last-listed Trait of the closest Riftwalker. For example, if Vex is closest, Zac would become a Mascot, too.

The three Riftwalker units are Jhin, Pyke, and Vex.


If you’re fielding both Underground Ezreal and Ultimate Ezreal, the two of them make each other stronger. Underground Ezreal’s ultimate blast becomes a blast that hits all enemies in a line. Meanwhile, Ultimate Ezreal summons two additional temporal duplicates.

New champions in TFT Set 8.5

With four fresh traits for Set 8.5— while losing two previous ones (Civilian and Recon)— champions new and old are shuffling into new team comps around the board.

One-cost champions

  • Lucian (InfiniTeam, Quickdraw, Renegade)
  • Pantheon (InfiniTeam, Heart)

Two-cost champions

  • Pyke (Riftwalker, Hacker)

Three-cost champions

  • Gnar (Gadgeteen, Prankster)
  • Morgana (Threat)
  • Shen (InfiniTeam, Defender, Hacker)
  • Vex (Riftwalker, Mascot)

Four-cost champions

  • Aatrox (Threat)
  • Garen (MechaPrime, Defender)
  • Jhin (Riftwalker, Renegade)
  • Neeko (Star Guardian, Spellslinger)
  • Twisted Fate (InfiniTeam, Duelist, Spellslinger)
  • Warwick (ADMIN, Lasercorps, Brawler)

Five-cost champions

  • Ultimate Ezreal (InfiniTeam, Quickdraw, Parallel)