All Pet Summons in Baldur’s Gate 3 & How to Get Them

You won’t find mounts, but walking the lands of Faerun will be way more fun with these Baldur’s Gate 3 pet summons.

all pets in baldur's gate 3

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You’re about to embark on one of your most memorable adventures all over Faerun in Baldur’s Gate 3, but it’s dangerous to go alone. Why not take one of the pet summons in BG3 with you?

While Scratch is the most obvious summonable pet in Baldur’s Gate 3, he’s not the only animal, creature, or deity you can summon on your adventures. Some pets are exclusive to side quests and some will only become available after you read a book stored on a shelf of a secret room. This is Larian’s game, after all. In this guide, I’ll go over every summonable pet and how you can get it in BG3.

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Intellect Devourer

how to get brain pet summon in BG3
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You can kickstart your pet collection by liberating the Intellect Devourer in Act 1. Before you escape the Nautiloid, free the intellect devourer without killing it or lobotomizing it. 

Later, in Act 2, you’ll find Us in the Mind Flayer Colony‘s morgue in Act 2. Release him by persuading or defeating Chop. This will earn you the “Summon Us” item, which lets you call upon this unique companion once per short rest. Witness Us transform into a cat when entering towns just so you don’t get any side eyes when you take your four-legged brain for a walk.


how to get scratch pet summon in BG3
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Near the Blighted Village’s northeast Forest, you’ll run into Scratch, a TAV’s best friend. 

Pass a friendly check, and let Scratch sniff your scent so he can find your camp. After this, you’ll unlock Scratch as a summonable pet in BG3. Scratch aids you in battles, helps fallen teammates, and even prompts you to play fetch back at camp.

Ogre Horde

how to get troll pet summon in BG3
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Ever wanted to keep a trio of deadly Ogres as a pet? In the Blighted Village, you can persuade three ogres with a roll of the dice to join you. In exchange, they’ll get to “eat your fallen foes.” They become your allies, and a horn, “Lumps Horn,” becomes your ticket to summoning these hulking ogres in battle. Keep them happy with gold promises after each fight to maintain their loyalty.

Second Marriage

how to get zombie pet summon in BG3
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To get a Zombie summonable pet in BG3, you need to rescue Mayrina from the Hag in Act 1. This will let you resurrect her dead husband with a wand and summon her dead husband at will. Works best with a Necromancer build.

Spider Swarm

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In Act 1, venture outside the Druid’s Grove to a cliff’s top. To the right, you’ll spot a Rocky Crevice, where a spider swarm awaits. A pouch guarded by arachnids hides a spider egg. 

If you pick up the egg, drop it, and attack it, you’ll get four spider minions at your beck and call. 

Shovel the Quasit

how to get shovel pet summon in BG3
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In the cellar of the Alchemist’s House in the Blighted Village, you can find a Scroll of Summon Quasit. Learn the spell to summon a Quasit called Shovel at will, without consuming spell slots. Shovel is great summonable pet in BG3, especially good at turning invisible to get the upper hand on every boss fight.

Dance Macabre’s Ghouls

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In Act 1, you can unlock a deadly book called The Necromancy of Thay by speaking with a mirror. After obtaining it, look for a Dark Amethyst in Philgrave’s Mansion during Act 3. With the Dark Amethyst, you can crack the forbidden knowledge of the Danse Macabre spell in the book. With this spell, you can summon an army of ghouls to fight for you.

Spore Servants

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Animating Spores is Baldur’s Gate 3 most overlooked spell. By completing Sovereign Glut’s quest in the Underdark, you’ll get a spell that lets you reanimate monstrosity corpses to create various spore servants. You can get Mimics, Harpies, and Bulettes as your summonable pets in BG3 thanks to Animating Spores.

Shadow Wraith

Shadow Wraith summon bg3
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Craft the Shadow Lantern in Balthazar’s hidden room in Moonrise Towers to summon a Shadow Wraith. They have some pretty powerful abilities like strength drain and necrotic claws.

To do this, use Gale (or a wizard) to interact with Balthazar’s necromancy desk (the one with the green skull on top). When the Crafting menu pops up, select the Broken Lantern and the Dead Pixie to get a Shadow Lantern capable of summoning a Shadow Wraith.


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Kar’niss is one of my favorite Baldur’s Gate 3 villains, and he only has, like, 10 minutes of screen time. Thanks to an exploit, you can fix that and turn this Drider into your summonable pet in BG3. In Act 2, make sure you’re level 7 before going into the Shadow Cursed-Lands ambush after the Marcus encounter and use control undead on Kar’niss. This will earn you a powerful Drider companion with formidable abilities.

Quothe the Raven

how to get raven pet summon in BG3
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Complete He Who Was’ quest in the Shadow-Cursed Lands to receive Raven Gloves. You can use them to summon a raven pet, Quothe. This permanent, feathery companion brings an air of mystery to your party.

Deva the Angel

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In the basement of the Sorcerous Sundries in Act 3, you can find a book called Caution Before the Seelie, which instantly grants you the Scroll of Bestial Communion. Scribe it into your spellbook for permanent access to Deva, an angel complete with healing and smiting abilities. And, in my humble opinion, a pretty attractive summonable pet to have in your BG3 party.

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