All round games and maps in Fall Guys

If you can dodge a windmill, you can dodge a ball.

Fall Guys

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Without argument, if users desire to find success in Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, they will have to be prepared for whichever mini-game they are tasked with. Players will find four different types of games during the 60-person elimination process: Race, Survival, Team, and Final. Albeit, each of the 24 maps has a twist to their type, and you will need to know beforehand how to win on everyone. To help, here is what each map entails.

Race Games

  • See Saw: A lengthy track full of platforms that will force you to fall off the map if there are too many on each.
  • Hit Parade: Jump over spinning polls that push users backward.
  • Door Dash: Attempt to evade several fake doors on this fairly short track.
  • Gate Crash: Hop over moving walls, but some function much faster than others.
  • The Whirlygig: Windmills and polls crowd the map, all of which move rapidly. Be advised: don’t take the middle path.
  • Slime Climb: A typical race, though, slime slowly drowns and eliminates those left behind.
  • Fruit Chute: Quickly climb a steep hill while having gigantic fruit hurled at you.
  • Dizzy Heights: Spinning round platforms make up the map, all that try to chuck players off.
  • Tip Toe: Slowly discover what planks in front of you are fake. If stepped on, the panel will fall and eliminate you.

Survival Games

  • Tail Tag: Yank tails off of others, as those without one when time expires are done.
  • Roll Out: Balance on a large cylinder that has numerous holes which you can fall through.
  • Jump Club: Likely the toughest, hurdle over two rotating polls until 11 players have fallen.
  • Perfect Match: Stand on panels that display a certain fruit. If you cannot do this in time, you won’t continue on.
  • Block Party: Remain on a platform and avoid blocks falling off the cliff – or else you will too.

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Team Games

  • Jinxed: The first of three teams to be entirely tagged is eliminated.
  • Rock N’ Roll: Similar to curling, three teams race to get their own ball at the finish line before others.
  • Egg Scramble: Three groups fight to collect the most eggs from the middle of the map. The team with the least is finished.
  • Hoarders: Teams fight to maintain giant volleyballs stay in their area. The one with the least balls will not qualify for the next round.
  • Hoops Daisy: Jump through the most moving hoops, or you team is eliminated.
  • Team Tail Tag: Like survival Tail Tag, the color with the least amount of tails loses.
  • Fall Ball: A fast-paced soccer game, where players will have to score the most to qualify.

Final Games

  • Fall Mountain: A race-themed hill, which requires you to obtain a crown at the finish line to be the victor.
  • Hex-A-Gone: Like Tip Toe, players have to remain on the correct panels, or drop to see their elimination.
  • Royal Fumble: The last remaining fight for the only tail on the map, but only the winner will have the it when time expires.

Mediatonic will be releasing more mini-games over time, so expect this list to grow soon. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC.