All Round Games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Race, Hunt, Survival, Logic, Team, and Final.

All Round Games in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout took the world by storm with its unique take on the battle royale genre. One of the qualities that set it apart from its major competitors is that each “show” filled up with 60 players at the start is actually an amalgamation of smaller games called Round Games.

Round Games come in six different varieties: Race, Hunt, Survival, Logic, Team, and Final. Often, the team and final games would also fit into another category, but due to ‘team’ or ‘final’ being their most standout quality, they are not organized this way.

Here are all 66 Round Games currently featured in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Race | 26 games

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Race games are the most common type of game and the only type that shows up until the final round in Gauntlet Showdown. Many race maps have variants called Gauntlet Remixes, in which select obstacles in the map have been changed. To qualify for a race, most of the time, you must make it to the finish line within a certain set number of players allowed to qualify that round.

  • Big Fans: It’s all about spinning fans in this race — jump from rotating platform to rotating platform, occasionally having to jump over some beams on the way before you reach the end.
  • Dizzy Heights: Race through an obstacle course of spinning discs, rolling balls, and large falls. Watch out for the ending; you have a big jump to make to get to the end safely.
  • Door Dash: Run to the end, jumping through doors that might be fake. Follow the lead of other players, or charge ahead and risk making a grave mistake.
  • Freezy Peak: This snowy vertical challenge was originally a Final Round race, like Fall Mountain, but instead is a mid-round game. Be careful with this one; there are a lot of ways to get knocked off.
  • Fruit Chute: Climb up a downward conveyor belt while giant fruit is rolling down, trying to knock you off. Stay close to the edges and use the triangle bumpers as cover.
  • Full Tilt: This is a madcap race to the finish, with four sections of this course all featuring round platforms precariously teetering and tilting.
  • Gate Crash: Hop over gates that are moving up and down. Careful at the very end; you will slide down some slime and need to jump over one of three moving gates at the right time.
  • Hit Parade: Go from a game of balance to a game of manually turned objects, and finish it off by dodging swinging balls and bumpers to make it to the finish line.
  • Lily Leapers: Bounce around on giant lily pads in this madcap Round. Find the right trajectories that will get you to the end as you bounce from pad to pad.
  • Knight Fever: Dodge swinging axes, turning spike poles, swinging spike poles (known officially as Thicc Bonkuses), and make sure to get a clean finish over the automated draw bridges.
  • Party Promenade: In this six-section race, expect a variety of things literally thrown at you. Obstacles and elements from other Rounds are present, including the circular seesaws, donut bumpers, and even Big Swingus.
  • Pipe Dream: This Round provides some dream fulfillment if you’ve wanted to go through Super Mario tubes. Get past some obstacles and then choose which pipes to zip through, before heading to the next section.
  • Roll On: This race is quite similar to the Survival Round Roll Out, but instead of running back and forth to stay on the rotating sections, you also have to run all the way to the finish line at the end.
  • See Saw: Race each other and work together, balancing see-saws, meeting checkpoints, and avoiding falls. But be careful; an unbalanced see-saw will be a big fall for everyone on it.
  • Short Circuit: Taking an almost Tron-like aesthetic, this race has you go two laps around a square course — expect bumpers, walls, and anti-gravity sections on the way.
  • Ski Fall: While categorized as a race, this game is about getting enough points to qualify. Jump through hoops to earn points, Bronze (1 point), Silver (2 points), and Gold (3 points, end hoop 5 points), to reach 15 points total.
  • Skyline Stumble: Make some big jumps in anti-gravity sections, choose paths wisely to avoid force fields and walls, then see if you can take a shortcut to the finish line with some pinball bumpers, or take the long way around.
  • Slime Climb: This is the only race where there is no set qualify amount. Instead, you can be eliminated. Don’t fall into the rising deadly slime as you race through this obstacle course. Beware of griefers.
  • The Slimescraper: Very much like Slimb Climb, although with the neon futuristic aesthetic of Season 4, this race has you climb an obstacle-filled tower as deadly slime rises up.
  • Speed Circuit: With some added Mario Kart-style speed boosts, this will be the fastest you’ve ever ran in Fall Guys. Run two laps around this obstacles course, but be advised that new obstacles pop up on the second lap.
  • Tip Toe: Figure out which platforms are fakes and are real to uncover the secret path to the finish line. Be careful not to fall, or jump headfirst with a Hail Mary. The choice is yours.
  • Track Attack: There are speed boosts and bounce pads galore, with a lot of downward inclines to guarantee maximum speed. Get to the end in no time through various paths and surprising verticality.
  • Treetop Tumble: Choose between branching paths, with obstacles including Log Swings and even “Expanding Frogs.” Be careful — or as much as you can amidst the chaos.
  • Tundra Run: Watch out for rolling snowballs, punching gloves, swinging bells (Ringus Dinguses), and wind-blowing fans as you race to victory in this early-round game.
  • Wall Guys: Work together to push blocks into climbable routes and race each other to the end in this medieval-themed game of teamwork and backstabbing. After all, it’s every bean for themselves.
  • The Whirlygig: Race through spinning polls and turning windmills and choose whether to avoid them or use them to your advantage. Make sure to leap on the final jump to avoid an untimely setback.

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Survival | 8 games

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Unlike the race mode, Survival games usually have a set number of players that will be eliminated, instead of a set number who will qualify, or it ends after a certain amount of time, in which all players can qualify if all players survive. It’s extremely beneficial to get good at this game mode, as half of the Final games would be in the survival category if they were not final games.

  • Big Shots: Stand your ground on a seesaw while cannons shoot out giant stars, planets, and other spacey objects at you.
  • Block Party: Move around on a large platform, avoiding blocks sliding across it. Everyone who doesn’t fall off the edge when all the blocks pass and time is up will move on to the next round.
  • Hoverboard Heroes: All contestants stand on a moving platform, which will slowly make its way through an obstacle course. You have limited space, so jump around and push the other beans out of your way to stay on.
  • Jump Club: Survive on a circular platform while a green spinning poll tries to knock you off, and a pink one tries to prevent you from jumping over it. The round ends after a certain number of eliminations.
  • Roll Out: Survive by navigating a cylinder split into five spinning subsects and avoid falling through holes or off the sides into deadly slime. The round ends after a certain number of eliminations.
  • Snowball Survival: You’re in a closed arena standing on ice tiles — giant snowballs will come out and roll and bounce about, damaging the ice tiles. Make sure you aren’t standing on any thin ice.
  • Stompin’ Ground: One giant mechanical rhino already sounds terrifying enough, but Stompin’ Ground will have you and other beans try to avoid three of these big boys.
  • The Swiveller: Run around this ring full of obstacles, all while avoiding a rotating fan that will blow you off the course.

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Hunt | 9 games

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Out of all of the basic round types, Hunt games might be the most cutthroat. It’s every player for themselves in that, if you win, you usually took that shot of winning away very directly from another player. There aren’t currently many hunt games directly in the hunt category, though more games in the Team and Final category would fit under this subject.

  • Airtime: After spawning, you will have to try to stay in a floating scoring zone for as long as possible. Jump and launch yourself to stay in the zone; otherwise, you’ll fall down and enter some pipes so you can respawn and try again.
  • Bounce Party: Jump on bounce pads and jump through hoops that fly across the stage to score points; go through a certain number as fast as possible to avoid being eliminated.
  • Bubble Trouble: Bounce and swing around as you move about five zones popping bubbles. Lily Pads, Punching Gloves, and more will make this team exercise a bit tougher.
  • Button Bashers: In this mini arena, you’re going to be competing against another player to hit a glowing button. There are several pink buttons around, so locate the yellow button as soon as possible and beat your opponent to it for a point.
  • Hoopsie Legends: This competitive free-for-fall has all players trying to reach six points to make it into the qualifying quota. Jump through a white hoop to earn 1 point, or a gold hoop to earn five.
  • Leading Light: This hunt will have you following a spotlight, and staying in this light will earn you points. It’s a small light, and it will move around, so try your best to not get knocked out of it.
  • Pegwin Pool Party: You’ll have to zip around slides and grab onto and pick up penguins. The longer you’re holding onto them, the more points you’ll accumulate.
  • Tail Tag: If you don’t have a tail, grab a player with a tail to gain one. If you do have a tail, run away from tailless players. Everyone with a tail after time is up will qualify; the rest will be eliminated.
  • Volleyfall: Fall Guys has a number of sports-like games, but volleyball with Fall Guys physics is pure chaos. You’ll be placed into one of many volleyball courts, and you’ll have to knock giant volleyball to the other side as many times as possible to survive this Round.

Logic | 2 games

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Logic games are a bit of an outlier — test your memory and thinking skills, and very often, all players will make it through. This is because there are many challenges in logic games, and if everyone completes them, no one is eliminated in that round.

  • Perfect Match: Over the course of three rounds, memorize which platforms certain fruits are on before they disappear. Stand on the platform matching the fruit on the screen to avoid falling into the slime.
  • Sum Fruit: This logic title is a little more concrete, as cannons will shoot out fruit (and other various objects as well). The screen will display a number, and you’ll have to jump on a tile displaying the corresponding fruit in order to avoid rising slime.

Team | 12 games

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Team games are unique in that you are suddenly working with players you’ve been playing against for the rest of the show. Some of these games would fall into other categories outside of the team label, like hunt or race, while others can’t really be categorized. That said, there is not currently a survival-style team game. The poorest performing/losing team is eliminated, everyone else is safe.

  • Basketfall (2 teams): It’s time to shoot some hoops with your fellow beans. Unlike in real basketball, multiple balls will spawn, which you can grab and take to low gravity areas to dunk basketballs into rotating rings.
  • Egg Scramble (3 teams): Collect eggs and bring them to your team’s nest. Normal eggs are worth one point, and golden eggs are worth five. Protect your eggs, as they can be stolen. The team with the least eggs loses.
  • Egg Siege (3 teams): This variant of Egg Scramble has a larger map, moving drawbridges, and a deeper nest with ramps instead of stairs. The win/lose conditions for teams are the same as Egg Scramble.
  • Fall Ball (2 teams): In this Rocket League-type game, try to hit giant balls into the enemy goal. Whoever has more points when time runs out wins. Though it’s not a race, there is a gauntlet remix of it.
  • Hoarders (3 teams): Try to push balls into your team’s court and protect them from being pushed back out—whichever team as the fewest balls when time runs out loses.
  • Hoopsie Daisy (3 teams): This team variant of Hoopsie Legends has players jumping through as many hoops as they can within a time limit. The team with the least points after the clock hits zero is eliminated.
  • Jinxed (2 teams): One player on each team has a ‘Jinx.’ Avoid enemies with the jinx if you don’t have it, or grab enemies without the jinx if you do. The first team to be completely jinxed loses.
  • Pegwin Pursuit (3 teams): Hold Bert and his little penguin friends for as long as you can. Your team earns points whenever you and/or a teammate is holding one, but beware of other teams grabbing you.
  • Power Trip (2 teams): Time to nab some batteries — opposing teams will scramble to pick up batteries on the stage and run around to recolor the floor tiles to their own color.
  • Rock’ N’ Roll (3 teams): Roll your team’s ball through an obstacle course, and then either try to roll it into the goal or prevent another team from rolling their ball into the goal before yours.
  • Snowy Scrap (3 teams): Roll your team’s snowball as it grows in size from picking up snowy tiles. Get to 100% size to beat out the competition and cover your snowball in delicious treats.
  • Team Tail Tag (4 teams): This team variant of Tail Tag is the only four-team round game and the only presence of the green team. The team with the least tails at the end of the time limit loses.

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Final | 9 games

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Every Fall Guys show ends with one of the six Final games. These games are unique in that, while once in a blue moon, there can be a tie; generally, Final games only have one winner. In a survival-type Final round, players will be eliminated until only one is left. In a race, only first place gets the crown. In a hunt, only the best hunter gets the win. Here is where legends are born.

  • Blast Ball: Survive this arena Round by picking up explosive balls and tossing them; avoid the collapsing floor and knock off your opponents with the explosions to be the last bean standing.
  • Fall Mountain: This is the race of all races. Avoiding tumbling balls and swinging hammers as you climb up the mountain. The first player to grab the crown wins. Like all races, it can sometimes be remixed.
  • Hex-A-Gone: Try to survive longer than your competition by walking and jumping around on several layers of small, hexagonal platforms that disappear shortly after you touch them. The last one alive wins.
  • Hex-A-Ring: Think Hex-A-Gone, but a ring. It’s an obvious change, but a stressful one regardless. You’ll be running around a giant rotating log, with hex tiles disappearing after you touch them.
  • Jump Showdown: This Final Round variant of Jump Club has twice the lower pole and platforms that fall into the smile below. Two platforms will remain at the end, and the last player alive will take the crown.
  • Lost Temple: Prepare to traverse through a maze, breaking down doors (and running into fake ones) to get through rooms and obstacles, all the way to the coveted crown.
  • Roll Off: This Final Round variant of Roll Out only has 2 cylinders that approach speeds you don’t normally see in its mid-round equivalent, and no matter how many players go in, only one will come out.
  • Royal Fumble: This Final Round variant of Tail Tag is the most bloodthirsty hunt of all, as there is only one tail, and whichever player has it at the end of the time limit will win the show.
  • Thin Ice: Three layers of cracking ice stand between you and a slimy demise. In this Final Round similar to Hex-A-Gone, with no spacing between the layers, try to be the last bean standing.

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These are all the round games currently out in Fall Guys. New round games will be added in the future, and this article will be updated accordingly when the time comes.