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All Stage 2 Amazing Manderville weapon appearances in Final Fantasy XIV

Sparkle up your Endwalker relic weapons.

Manderville weapons are the new relic weapons introduced in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion. While most involve an intense grind, the Manderville weapons have actually been pretty straightforward and easy to acquire. Patch 6.35 allows players to progress these relics into their stage 2 Amazing appearances, giving them increased visual spectacle via glow effects. Let’s look at all of the Stage 2 Amazing Manderville weapon appearances added in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.35.

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Every Amazing Manderville weapon appearance in Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy XIV community has compiled various images showcasing all Stage 2 Amazing Manderville weapon appearances for each job in the game. You can view a gallery of every revealed weapon via a thread on Twitter. As you can see, the weapons don’t stray too far from their initial appearance. They gain a glow effect and a slight color alteration, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look amazing in combat. You can see the glow effect in action via this gallery.

Earning a Manderville weapon for yourself is relatively easy. These relics are the easiest to keep up out of all the relic grinds added to the game since launch. Provided you are caught up with the Hildibrand side story saga, you need only to collect 1500 Tomestones of Astronomy per weapon stage at this point in time. This means you only need 3000 tomestones per job to get the Amazing weapon appearance.

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The item you need to purchase with your Tomestones of Astronomy to get the stage 2 weapon is a Chunk of Complementary Chondrite. You need to buy three total per weapon for 500 tomestones each. They can be purchased by speaking with the NPC named Jubrunnah at coordinates (X:12.1, Y:10.9) in Radz-at-Han after completing the latest quest in the Hildibrand story.

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