3 Best Ways To Get Sunbracers In Destiny 2 (& How To Use It)

Sunbracers are great if you want to speed through Destiny 2 and enjoy solar-based beatdowns. Here’s how you find them.

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The Sunbracers are a staple of Destiny 2’s Exotic armor selections. While it has been available since the game was released in 2017, some players may have missed out on it during its early years. Those who have tried out the Sunbracers’ enhanced grenade capabilities may attest to its destructive potential.

These gauntlets work well with those building toward a damage-dealing Solar class. So if you’re the mischief-making type, this tutorial will show you how to get your hands on a pair of Sunbracers to cause all sorts of chaos in Destiny 2.

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3. Vex Strike Force

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If you’ve been around for a while, you surely have heard about Vex Incursion Zones and the great exotics you can get just for completing them. In this case, you’ll want to be sure to have some strong gear, as you’ll be tasked with taking out powerful enemies within a ten-minute time frame. If you have any trouble tracking the event, the community has created a Discord for players tracking the spawning times. The drops are random, but there are a lot of exotics that you can earn quickly.

2. Farm Lost Sectors

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Lost sectors are slowly becoming the real endgame for solo players in Destiny 2 because of how simple they are to find and how easily you can complete them no matter your skill level. The trick here is to fill your slots with Exotic engrams and allow the extras to be sent to your mailbox. Next, you’ll want to decode them on the day the Sunbracers are available in the rotation. The more you have, the better your changes will be.

1. Complete Legend Lost Sectors On Arms Day

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This is currently the best method for getting the Sunbracers. Arms Day is great in general due to the specific focus on arm-based armor only, which will of course, increase your chances of getting all the exotic arms. What’s even better is that the drops are weighted based on the armor you don’t already have, so it is less likely that you’ll get a duplicate. It’s highly recommended that you have a power level of at least 1825+, as the enemies here are brutal with plenty of champions to contend with.

How To Use The Sunbracers In Destiny 2

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Once you do have the Sunbracers, you’ll want to use them exclusively with the Solar sub-class. This is due to the many benefits that come with using sol-based grenade abilities while generating unlimited energy. To put it in layman’s terms, you’ll be able to spam the you-know-what out of solar grenades for a limited time once you land a solar melee ability. For group play, if you combine this perk with the cure grenades, you’re guaranteed to make a lot of new friends.