Best Ways To Use Scatter Mines In MW3: Tips To Maximize Tactical Kills

Of the dozens of weapons in Call of Duty: MW3, the Scatter Mine is probably the most complex and difficult to use in combat.


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Call of Duty: MW3 has many weapons for players to pick up and master. Many can be used effectively with little effort, while others take dozens of hours to learn. More still, such as the Scatter Mine, are a mystery.

Scatter Mines in Call of Duty: MW3 are a deployable weapon players can use across Multiplayer and Zombies Mode, but they work the same. Once thrown, they shoot out a cluster of mines that will explode as soon as anything gets near them. However, using them can be tricky because of their spread and because they’re hard to use in a pinch, which is when most players think of using them.

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How to Use Scatter Mines in MW3

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To use Scatter Mines in MW3, players must equip them to their loadout or from drop in the world if they’re playing Zombies Mode and then deploy them in an area where they know enemies will be running through.

Scatter Mines will throw out a few smaller mines once they’re deployed. It’s these explosives that deal damage to enemies as they run across them. They need to be in an area where enemies will run or walk because they won’t deal damage and net players kills otherwise.

In Multiplayer, this means deploying Scatter Mines in corridors where players run a lot. Main routes across the map that everyone uses. In Zombies Mode, players have more freedom to lay traps and throw Scatter Mines in doorways or areas they know zombies and mercenaries will likely try to ambush them from.

Why Use Scatter Mines in Call of Duty: MW3 Multiplayer

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The main reason players should use Scatter Mines in Multiplayer in Call of Duty: MW3 is because they can score some easy kills. Players don’t check where they’re running when they’re seeking out enemies, making them easy targets.

We love watching where the best routes are on a map and dropping a Scatter Mine when no one is looking. It’s possible to run across the map and do something else entirely and still benefit from the trap laid minutes earlier. This will help any player easily complete challenges they need to get out of the way.

Why Use Scatter Mines in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode

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The reason players should use Scatter Mines in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode is because they’re brilliant at clearing out large hordes of enemies with minimal effort. A single Scatter Mine will destroy up to four zombies and a Hellhound easily, netting players XP and protecting them from an unpleasant attack from behind.

We like to drop Scatter Mines while escaping hairy situations in Zombies Mode. It’s easy to drop them and keep on running. Regardless of whether they’re mercenaries, zombies, or boss monsters, the pursuers will all set off the explosives and, at the very least, take a good chunk of damage.