What Are Rift Encounters In Fortnite OG? Loot Pool & Where To Find Them

Rift Encounters are the only way future items will return in Fortnite OG, and they’re challenging to track down or make the most of.


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Rift Encounters were introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 4, but how they work brings together elements from throughout the game’s past seasons. Now Fortnite OG is underway, taking players back in time to Chapter 1’s map; they’re a tool to access future technology.

In Fortnite OG, Rift Encounters work slightly differently from how they have done so far. While they still appear randomly across the map and pull in beneficial items and characters, they no longer do so from past seasons. Instead, they pull from what is currently the future in Fortnite, providing players with massive advantages should they encounter one in a match.

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What Are Rift Encounters in Fortnite OG?

Fortnite Loot Island Rift
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Rift Encounters are random Rifts that appear somewhere in the map in Fortnite OG, bringing items from another time in Fortnite’s history into the map for players to loot alongside an NPC who will protect that loot.

Once they’ve appeared, players should find it easy to track down these Rifts because they destroy any breakable objects close to them. An NPC with a few chests and items will appear once the Rift has triggered. These are always beneficial to the player, but some are better than others, depending on their rarity.

How to Find Rift Encounters

Shopping Cart in Fortnite OG Week 2
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The only way to find Rift Encounters is to explore the map in Fortnite OG. There’s no way to predict them, and they can appear anywhere on the map at any time. They’re not like standard Rifts that players can jump into and teleport into the sky. These Rifts appear, usually with a noticeable audio cue and exclamation mark on the screen for any nearby players.

Rift Encounters can trigger without any players being close to them. It’s worth keeping this in mind because all that could be left is an NPC that looks like they’re phasing through time and a collection of loot to gather up before moving on.

Fortnite OG Rift Encounter Loot Pool

Goku in Fortnite
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Below, we’ve listed all the Fortnite OG Rift Encounters it’s possible to see in a match. The only one we’ve managed to confirm in-game is the Grapple Glove, but prominent leaker iFireMonkey has explained that the other Rift Encounters and their associated items will be coming to the season in the following weeks.

One point to remember is that these items could be from outside the standard Fortnite OG loot pool. This means players can pick up incredible items that will help them with a match if they keep their eyes and ears out for Rift Encounters.

  • Grapple Glove
  • Scrapknight Jules and a Dirtbike in the Grease Monkey Rift Encounter
  • Stray and a Kinetic Blade in the Clean Cuts Rift Encounter
  • Surr Burger and the Shockwave Hammer in the Burger Blast Encounter