CoD Modern Warfare 3: How to Rank Up Fast – XP & Weapon Level Guide

Modern Warfare 3 represents a new climb through a familiar system. Don’t get stuck in the doldrum of constant XP & Weapon Level walls.

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A new Call of Duty means a new progression chain to chomp our way through. Modern Warfare 3’s experience will be different when the full game releases thanks to the Modern Warfare 2 (2022) weapons carrying forward into this year.

That’s going to give us a massive advantage when climbing the player XP ranks, but it doesn’t mean much for collecting Weapon levels. Of course, the Open Beta gave us some hands-on time to figure out how to make up for that, and we’ve got a solid strategy nailed down for unlocking all of the guns and attachments that are stuck behind that dreaded little lock sign.

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Modern Warfare 3: How to Rank Up Fast

Image via Activision

This process is more or less the same every year, but there are always a few strategies that will get you moving quickly. Objective-based game modes are always going to dish out bigger XP rewards than their elimination-based counterparts. You can’t isolate these modes out in the beta since they’re all slammed together in the Mosh Pit playlist, but you can still back out of TDM lobbies when necessary.

2XP Tokens will also be back in the full launch. It’s never a bad idea to keep these flowing in the early days of the game if you have a stockpile. The timer associated with them burns in real-time though, so you have to be quick about getting into lobbies.

On the Core maps, Domination and Hardpoint are the two modes that offer the best balance of objective and slaying opportunities, so I would prioritize those as much as possible.

Ground War is also great for this if you’ve got the stomach for bigger, more chaotic experiences. Your average match time will shoot up, but the XP is adjusted to compensate. That Token synergy pays off nicely after a few games.

MW3: Fastest Weapon Level & XP Guide

Image via Raven Software

Kills are the name of the game when it comes to leveling up your weapons, and it takes a fair amount of consistency to hit the maximum Weapon Level. We can be smart about how we approach things, though.

Domination and Hardpoint are still great ways to see a lot of action and quickly rack up the kills. While it might seem counter-intuitive, it’s better to ignore the objective and play solely around maximizing your engagements with the enemy team. More gunfights mean more chances to add to your kill tally.

If you’re not sure how to pick up the pace, sticking close to objective markers is a surefire way to encounter more enemies. Let the natural gravity of the Hardpoint bring them to you. You don’t have to be inside it, getting barraged with grenades either. Look for the high ground or a good piece of cover and patiently wait for them to run into your bullets.

The battleground of Favela returns in Modern Warfare 3.
Image via Activision.

2X Weapon XP tokens are a bit more valuable than their regular counterparts, so I’d save any of those you may have until you find a gun you consider to be high-priority. If you’ve got five or more just sitting around, then it’s probably fine to burn through them, but I’d advise against completely crushing your stock.

That’s everything to know about getting your weapons to their full potential. On that note, the MCW AR and the Striker SMG are proving to be the early favorite weapons players are using, so I’d suggest starting there if you need a push in the right direction.