Collect Gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Holly Hedges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

A small job.

One of the Fortnite challenges this week is to collect Gnomes at Fort Crumpet and Holly Hedges. You can find Fort Crumpet just to the west of Sweaty Sands, an old stone fortress that overlooks Coral Castle. Holly Hedges is a named location towards the north side of the island, and is easy to spot.

The exact locations of the Gnomes will be harder to find, so in this guide we will show you where they are.

Fort Crumpet

Gnome 1

You can find the first Gnome at Fort Crumpet just inside the main door. He is behind the counter in the shop on the right.

Gnome 2

The second Gnome at Fort Crumpet can be collected from just under the stairs as you begin to climb up to the next level at the tower in the center.

Holly Hedges

Gnome 1

You can collect the first Gnome at Holly Hedges from the center of the town, where the garden nursey is. He is hiding out among some potted plants in the yard behind the store.

Gnome 2

You can collect the last Gnome from near the Christmas Tree in Holly Hedges at the north of the town.

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