Destiny 2 Blind Well Full Walkthrough Guide

Destiny 2’s Blind Well activity is complex and essential for progression, but it’s a challenging task for any Guardian to hop into.

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The Blind Well is an activity in Destiny 2 that players have been able to take part in for years. However, the base version of the activity required players to put together their own fireteam, while Season of the Wish added matchmaking and a lot more fun as a result.

Destiny 2’s Blind Well activity is a core part of the story of The Dreaming City and of Season of the Wish. It’s a fairly simple base level activity with a Heroic variant that can push players harder and grant them more rewards than they can handle. In this guide, we’ve broken down exactly how the Blind Well works and all the information that players need to know to make the most of it.

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How to Start The Blind Well in Destiny 2

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To start the Blind Well activity in Destiny 2, players need to open the Director and select The Dreaming City. From there, players can start the Blind Well activity on the map by selecting it and pressing the Launch button.

While it’s possible to land in The Dreaming City and run to the Blind Well activity on foot, using the Director is faster and allows players to matchmaker into a group with other players. This activity is so tough that we don’t recommend touching it without matchmaking.

How to Complete The Blind Well in Destiny 2

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To complete a Blind Well run in Destiny 2, players need to kill enemies to deposit Light. An on-screen indicator will appear to help players keep track of how much Light they’ve deposited. There are five stages of the Blind Well to work through for a complete run, each of which has similar requirements that essentially boil down to killing enemies.

There will be various bosses in each run, all of which have unique mechanics. The most common tasks players with killing smaller enemies to bring down the boss’ shields, allowing all players to deal damage. We love this activity because it feels like a rush of wave after wave of defeating enemies that results in a fresh loot drop we can repeat endlessly until we need to stock up on bounties.

During Destiny 2: Season of the Wish, players can find a Starcat in the Blind Well. It’s worth collecting if players want to push their experience as high as possible and earn everything possible from the Season Pass because it’s very little effort.

How to Start The Heroic Blind Well Event in Destiny 2

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To start the Heroic Blind Well Event in Destiny 2, players need to reach Stage 3 of the Blind Well, defeat the Ogres, and collect the Unstable Charges they drop. Once players have these, they must drop back into the Blind Well, and the Heroic Event will automatically begin.

The first time we did this, it was a complete accident. In fact, we’re pretty sure someone else on our team did it. The Heroic Blind Well then tasks players with defeating a colossal Taken foe that has shields that have to be dealt with before any damage can be unloaded into the beast.

The Heroic Blind Well Event awards more experience, better loot, and progresses quests faster. We picked up an Exotic Engram when we completed it, making it feel like a worthwhile task even if we died a few times.

Blind Well Loot Pool for Destiny 2: Season of the Wish Explained

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The loot pool for the Blind Well in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish is bloated, including everything the activity awarded up until Season of the Wish and all the new weapons and gear. This means that players can get all the seasonal weapons from Season of the Wish from the Blind Well, but also those from Season of Defiance and The Dreaming City’s loot pools.