Diablo 4: How To Farm Uniques (4 Best Ways)

Get yourself some powerful gear and abilities with these tips on how to farm Unique items in Diablo 4.


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Unique items in Diablo 4 are powerful, so naturally, players will want to get their hands on these items to make their builds stronger and for bragging rights, too. These items are particularly tricky to find and can take a while to drop, making them extremely rare items to loot in Diablo 4.

While that’s the case, there are a few ways you can farm for these items that involve participating in various in-game activities and completing certain kinds of content. This guide lists all the details on how to farm Unique items in Diablo 4.

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Best Ways to Farm Uniques in Diablo 4

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Unqiues are the highest tier of items in Diablo 4 and offer players powerful effects only found on specific pieces of gear, all of which can give builds a major boost in power.

These items are some of the rarest to find, and their special effects cannot be transferred to other items. They also have higher, fixed affixes that make them stronger than a lot of other gear. Unique items can only begin to drop in World Tier 3 or higher.

Below, we have listed out the best ways for you to farm these items so you can make the best build possible.

Endgame Bosses

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The best way for players to currently farm for Uniques is by defeating the five endgame bosses. These were added at the beginning of Season of Blood and offer players a chance to farm for specific Unique drops, with each of the five bosses having dedicated loot tables with items for each of the game classes and several class-agnostic Uniques.

Each of these bosses has different conditions to summon them, involving different activities in the game and gathering different materials. It can be a bit of a grind, but it’s easily the most effective and likely way you will find Unique drops of all the options here.

Helltides and Tortured Chests

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Helltides are another option for farming Uniques, as they have more chances to drop thanks to Elite mobs having an increased chance to drop extra items, as well as the various chests scattered across the Helltide.

In this instance, we recommend trying to find Helltide Events and Mystery Chests, as these two have the most chance of yielding Unique items, and if not, you will get a good chunk of Cinders to use to open more chests, giving you another chance to find these items. If you need a hand finding where these chests and events will take place, you should consider using Helltides.com, which will show you the timers for when Helltides are active, as well as detailed maps of the locations of chests and events for each area, along with having timers for World Bosses and Legion events.

Nightmare Dungeons

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Nightmare Dungeons are full of Elite enemies and high mob density, making it a prime activity to do if you are looking to farm for Uniques. Since these dungeons have increased drop rates for Sacred and Ancestral items, and enemies have increased chances to drop items, it offers more chances for Uniques at a higher quality.

With Nightmare Dungeons, as well as normal ones, certain enemy types and dungeons will have increased chances to drop certain Uniques. Thankfully, there is a helpful tool over on the Diablo4.life website that has all the details on every Unique in the game, including which dungeons to find certain Uniques and the enemies to look out for. It even lets you search for multiple Uniques at once and has tags to show you which dungeons are faster and have high mob density.

World Bosses

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Your last viable option is the World Bosses, which, along with their weekly cache drops, also have a chance to drop Unique items. However, in my experience, this is an extremely rare occurrence, even by Unique standards, so this might not be the best option.

Much like with Helltides, you can use the same website we mentioned previously to see the times and locations of upcoming World Boss spawns.