How do Capture Points work in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Don’t underestimate Chapter 4’s minor addition.

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From hurdling to a major graphical upgrade, Fortnite provides players with a wildly different experience in Chapter 4 when compared to previous seasons. One new feature that should not go under the radar is the inclusion of Capture Points. These domination-style territories give you the power to take control of POIs and even hang your banner icon amongst the rafters. This may not appear beneficial while chasing victories, but capturing these points can lead to droves of loot. This guide will examine how Capture Points work and what they can give you in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

How to take over Capture Points in Fortnite

Once you are inside a named location in any of the game’s battle royale modes, you will notice a white flag icon that is marked on the mini-map (as shown below). This displays the placement of a POI’s Capture Point, which you can then take over by simply standing near it for a period of time. Your banner icon will be raised on its flag pull and loot will magically fall nearby. This batch of gear typically includes two weapons, 200 Gold, materials, and a large amount of Chug Splash.

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Those able to secure a Capture Point will even be granted a few special abilities. After you have left the Capture Point, every chest within the specific POI can be seen through all walls and structures. This also applies to Oathbound Chests, making it a breeze to pick up its Shockwave Hammer or Ex-Caliber marksman rifle. As if that wasn’t enough, all enemies within the POI will be marked with a red diamond above them.

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If you happen to nab a Capture Point near the late stages of a match, you may even have more abilities than meets the eye. The chapter has also introduced perks, or Reality Augments, that are given to you after surviving for a short time. There are a total of 22 Augment abilities you have a chance of possessing, and they can give you everything from limitless ammo to a fresh set of Rare weapons.