How to launch off all Sentinel hands without touching the ground – Fortnite Wolverine challenge

Give yourself a big hand.


A new week in Fortnite means another challenge that brings us one step closer to that sweet Wolverine skin from the Battle Pass. Remember, you do need to be a Battle Pass owner to get access to these challenges, and the skin. This week, we will need to launch off all the Sentinel hands without touching the ground.

You can find the Sentinels at the Sentinel Graveyard between Weeping Woods and Lazy Lake. There are quite a few of them lying on the ground here. All you need to do is launch from their hands, which act as jump pads, and do a full circuit without touching the ground. It can be a little awkward to use your glider, but if you know where to jump, you can do it very easily.

Sentinel Hands

There is a Sentinel arm lying on the ground, on its own, right beside the house. You can see the location on the map above. If you climb on top of the arm, then jump directly onto the middle of the hand, it will launch you in a perfect circuit which should carry you all the way around, landing on all of the hands, and finishing up the challenge easily.

Remember, there is a new patch of Weekly Map Challenges as well today, and you can find them all listed below with helpful guides to make finishing them as easy as possible.