How the lure mutations work and how to get more in Destiny 2

The Wrathborn hunts optimize your time.

Destiny 2

The season of the hunt in Destiny 2 introduces a new system revolving around the Cryptolith Lure, a Fallen device that draws out specific Wrathborn targets that, when killed, provide worthwhile loot. Each of the specific targets you can hunt down will drop a specific piece of loot, be it a season of the hunt weapon or armor. You’ll be able to influence the stats of that particular drop by using lure mutations, and these are ones you input and pick before undergoing a hunt. Knowing how this works gives you the chance to ensure you’re receiving the best drops possible for your work, and you personalize your build to fit your needs.

How do lure mutations work?

When you pick the particular Wrathborn hunt you want to go after using your Cryptolith Lure, they have a specific drop associated with them. Some will drop armor, and others a weapon. Your lure mutations become limited based on what type of Wrathborn hunt you’ll be doing and what type of loot you’ll potentially receive for defeating them.

You can review and pick what lure modifications that will be available in the weak and strong slot.

For weapons, the weak slot influences the specific masterwork stats, such as stability, range, reload, handling, or impact. It also has a handful of perk veto modifications, so the weapon will not drop with specific perks attached to it. In the strong mutation slot, there’s primarily perk veto mutations.

The same formula happens with armor drops. The weak slot influences if an armor piece drops with higher stats in a specific category. The same goes for the strong slot. There’s also the choice to drop as a balanced item, rather than have a stronger bias towards one over the others.

For those looking to loot a specific weapon or gear, these lure mutations are a good way to make sure you receive the latest equipment with perks and stats that matter to your build. To receive a wider selection, you want to participate in more hunts and acquire more lure mutations.

How to get more lure mutations

There are various activities you can complete to earn more lure mutations for your Cryptolith Lure. You can complete Strikes, Gambit matches, Crucible matches, and even specific Wrathborn hunts will drop mutations if they have it available as a drop, rather than a weapon or armor piece.

Because you will need to go on Strike, Gambit, and Crucible missions to charge your Cryptolith Lure, you shouldn’t feel the need to go out of your way to find more lure mutations. They drop at the end of these matches, so you should have a decent supply of them available to you, but if you want to go for more, specifically hunting Wrathborn prey that offers lure mutations as a drop is never a bad idea.

The Wrathborn hunts can become a decent way to earn improved gear to raise your light level if you increase your reputation with Crow, the Guardian who works alongside the Spider for this adventure, to rank four. You’ll need to do this to upgrade your Cryptolith Lure.