How to change Channels in Tower of Fantasy, and what it does

Your Channel number may be stopping you from playing with friends.

Image via Hotta Studios

Even if you are on the same server as a friend in Tower of Fantasy, you are still not guaranteed to see your fellow Wanderers on the map. This is because each server is also broken down into different online rooms. These are otherwise known as Channels, and you will need to be on the same Channel as friends to play alongside them. This guide will show how you can change your Channel and what to expect from doing this in Tower of Fantasy.

How to go to a different Channel in Tower of Fantasy

As shown below, players can change their Channel in the game by clicking the Channel icon in the top-left corner of the screen. You can then edit the number provided and confirm your choice to be sent to another Channel. The game does not display which Channels and servers your friends belong to. So, you may need to chat with them and ensure you are heading into the correct Channel within the same server.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Additionally, you should be careful when entering the correct Channel, as the feature will go into a 30 minute cooldown each time you use it. We also recommend having your friends join your team. This will allow all of you to fight together and see each others’ level and health at all times.

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It is important to note that Changing Channels is even a great way for players to get some alone time. Some channels may hold significantly less wanderers than others, so don’t be afraid to go to another channel when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This should provide you less of a distraction so that you can get back to important tasks like raising your Merit level and unlocking vehicles.