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How to collect Intertwined Fate for completed Archon quests in Genshin Impact

Get a few more pulls on those banners.

Genshin Impact’s 3.5 update has finally landed, and alongside new Archon quests, events, and characters to pull for, it’s brought an exciting new feature. For players who feel the current rewards for progressing through the main Archon questlines don’t quite match up to the effort that’s gone in, Hoyoverse has exciting news — you can now claim extra prizes on top.

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Most importantly, each Archon quest “act” will reward players with one Intertwined Fate, which is required for participating in the special event banners and pulling for rare characters like 3.5’s Dehya and Cyno. It doesn’t happen automatically, though, so here’s how to get your hands on it.

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Where to collect Intertwined Fate and other Archon quest rewards in Genshin Impact

Although you won’t automatically get your new Archon questline rewards, finding them is easy. Once you’ve upgraded to version 3.5, navigate to your Adventurer’s Handbook — you can reach it from the main Paimon menu or the radial menu.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

On the Guide tab, which usually suggests which quests to pursue next to progress the story or unlock new features, you’ll spy a new segment at the top. Select it to claim your rewards for each Archon quest act you’ve completed.

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What rewards unlock for completing Archon quests in Genshin Impact?

Each completed Archon quest act will get you 1 Intertwined Fate, 3 Hero’s Wit, 3 Sanctifying Essence, and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore. As such, it’s not just an opportunity to hoard Fate to take to the banners, but also a chance to build up resources that will help you level up characters, artifacts, and weapons. With 22 Archon quest acts available to complete at the time of writing, that all adds up 22 Intertwined Fate, 66 Hero’s Wit, 66 Sanctifying Essence, and 132 Mystic Enhancement Ore — not a bad prize for the hours put into the main story.

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