How to complete The Sleeping Gentleman quest in Final Fantasy XIV

Hilarious and crazy as expected.

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Everyone’s favorite gentleman Inspector Hildibrand returned to Final Fantasy XIV in a hilarious new series of quests that will leave players in stitches. With the addition of several new side quests, knowing where to go or how to defeat the scenario might be a confusing task. This guide will explain in detail exactly where to go and what to do to get through the wild ride that is The Sleeping Gentleman.

Where to start The Sleeping Gentleman quest chain

You will find the Excitable Youth NPC at X:11.8 Y:11.2 in Radz-at-Han once you have done the required prerequisite quests and requirements to see the quest. He will provide you with The Sleeping Gentleman quest and send you to X:14.0 Y:8.3 in Radz-at-Han’s High Crucible of Al-Kimiya area.

There you will reunite with Nashu Mhakaracca, who says that Hildibrand has yet to awaken after they escaped the portal dimension and wants you to meet her at X:14.2 Y:11.9 in the Kama area.

Here you must complete a minigame where you inspect three parts of the sleeping Hildibrand. Rotate the camera to inspect his legs, arm, and face. He is alive, but unmoving, leading you to the conclusion that his soul might be trapped in the First. You are sent to the Crystarium next.

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Speak with Glynard at X:10.8 Y:15.2 at The Wandering Stairs. You will reunite with some former allies and head out to search for Hildibrand’s soul.

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Speak with a few villagers at Sullen in Lakeland, and then meet the group at X:20.3 Y:35.0 there. Afterward, finish the first quest in the chain by reconvening at X:25.8 Y:26.1 in Lakeland.

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A Soulful Reunion Hildibrand quest

Watch the extremely long, yet hilarious cutscene and then continue the chain by picking up the A Soulful Reunion quest. You’ll then meet Beq Lugg at X:10.0 Y:6.1 in the Cabinet of Curiosity in the Crystarium. Next, return with Hildibrand’s soul back to Radz-at-Han to find his body missing.

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Ask around just outside the room, then search with Nashu around the city. Your search will lead you to X:14.5 Y:28.6 in Thavnair.

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After the most ridiculous cutscene, you’ll reconvene with Nashu where the initial quest started in Radz-at-Han and the chain ends for now. Players looking to see more stories in Patch 6.15 can unlock the Arkasodara tribe quests and the custom delivery NPC Ameliance Leveilleur, as well as continue the Omega storyline.