How to Complete Winter Night in Destiny 2

Winter Night is a new Destiny 2 quest for The Dawning 2023 that tasks players with having endless snowball fights.

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Winter Night is the second event quest in Destiny 2 for The Dawning 2023. After starting the usual delivery of goods for Eva Levante, a new quest will appear, tasking players with having the greatest snowball fight of their lives.

The Dawning 2023’s main quest, Cookie Delivery Helper, sees players darting around the system, acquiring ingredients, baking cookies, and delivering them to various characters. However, there’s a secondary quest that players will pick up sometime after they start enjoying the festive season that’s a bit more combative, pushing players to get into alien snowball fights that will end with fatalities on both sides.

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How to Start the Winter Night Quest in Destiny 2

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To start the Winter Night quest in Destiny 2 during The Dawning 2023, players must launch the game, complete the initial quest for Eva Levante that will give them the Holiday Oven and open up all the Event Challenges, and then wait.

For us, the quest didn’t drop until we were hanging out in the Tower, and a new Milestone randomly popped up. We weren’t doing anything, just standing around idling because we were checking up on 2023’s The Dawning Armor Ornaments in the Eververse Store.

We believe that it’s possible Bungie didn’t put the quest live when it meant to, which is why it appeared so randomly for us. For everyone else starting The Dawning 2023 later, it may appear alongside the other quest for the event. However, if anyone is struggling to find it, they should simply play more Destiny 2 and wait for it to pop.

How to Complete the Winter Night Quest in Destiny 2

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You can start the Winter Night quest once you’ve begun the Cookie Delivery Helper, the second Dawning quest bestowed by Eva. Once you’ve got that one logged, chat with Eva again and snag Winter Night from her inventory. If Eva doesn’t hand it to you right away, reload into the Tower. To complete the Winter Night quest, players must:

  • Defeat 75 combatants with standard Long Winter Snowball final blows.
  • Defeat 5 combatants with upgraded Stay Frosty Snowball final blows.
  • Deliver a Classic Butter Cookie to Eva.

Step 1: Snowball Fights

Steps 1 and 2 require players to defeat 75 combatants with standard Long Winter Snowball final blows and 25 combatants with upgraded Stay Frosty Snowball final blows. To defeat enemies with both types of Snowball final blows, players can take part in any activity and look for the Snowballs to spawn before using them to kill enemies.

Snowballs are a random drop upon defeating any enemy across the Sol system with any weapon. If you’re looking to rack up Snowball kills efficiently, the Terminal Overload activity in Neomuna is an excellent spot, as it spawns numerous Shadow Legion Cabal and Vex throughout its three rounds.

How to Get an Upgraded Snowball in Destiny 2

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To unlock enhanced Snowball kills, players need to first acquire either the Long Winter or Stay Frosty upgrades from Eva. These upgrades extend the duration of Snowball Slow effects and cause them to drop Stasis mines.

To get Upgraded Snowballs in Destiny 2 so that players can complete the Winter Night quest, you must earn Dawning Spirit and purchase an upgrade from Eva Levante for 20 Dawning Spirit. We recommend players jump into activities and complete as many Event Challenges and other quests as possible to build up standard Snowball final blows. Then, when you have enough Dawning Spirit, you can purchase this upgrade to power through the quest quickly.

The Classic Butter Cookie is baked in Eva Levante’s Holiday Oven using 15 Dawning Spirit, one Taken Butter, and one Superb Texture. It must be delivered to Eva Levante herself. We recommend accomplishing this step first right after you grab the quest.

Winter Night Quest Reward

After finishing all the Winter Night quest steps, Eva will reward players with their Dawning Memento. Head to the Enclave, choose to Shape or Reshape a weapon, and insert the Memento into its designated slot to complete the process. Level up the weapon to 30 by defeating enemies or spending resources to unlock the shader. Earn more Dawning Mementos randomly by opening Gifts in Return, acquired by giving cookies to NPCs.