How to deal damage with a possessed vehicle in Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2020

Ghost rider.


One of the challenges for Fortnitemares 2020 is to deal damage with a possessed vehicle. This is actually quite easy, although it does involve an ability you may not even realize that you have as a Shadow.

After you die and become a Shadow, you can take control of vehicles by possessing them, allowing you to drive around the map. You cannot use any other abilities while you are doing this, so you won’t be able to use Scream to track other players. To possess a vehicle, just walk up to it and interact with it the way you would to drive it.

You should also be careful because players can still damage you if they shoot at the driver’s seat. All you need to do is find some unlucky player and smash into them with the vehicle. We would suggest possessing the Mudflap Jeep if you can because it will hold speed when going offroad and lots of players are hiding in the middle of nowhere during Fortnitemares.

When you are driving around, just jump out of the car and hit the Scream button, then jump back in to be able to track down players and make your life easier.

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