How to earn the Show Left and Show Right emote during Final Fantasy XIV’s Make It Rain event

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The Make It Rain event is always a nice time to work towards MGP rewards in Final Fantasy XIV’s Golden Saucer. Each year, certain items will be available at a reduced price, and there is always something new for dedicated players to pursue. This time around, there are two new emotes that go hand and hand with each other — literally. You can get the Show Left and Show Right emotes by completing the A Prickly Plaint quest chain.

Show Left and Show Right emote quest location

In order to begin the quest chain, players must find Ollier in Ul-dah – Steps of Nald. He can be found just outside the aetheryte crystal at X:9.4 Y:9.2. Ollier will send you to Limsa Lominsa.

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A Prickly Plaint quest chain – Limsa Lominsa

Using the aetheryte crystal in Limsa Lominsa to teleport to the Aftcastle location in the Upper Decks will lead you to reconvene with Ollier at X:11.5 Y:13.6. He will point you towards his colleague, the cactuar Senor Sabotender, who is spinning around for some disinterested townsfolk. You can respond with any of the answers when questioning it, and then follow it to the nearby destination at X:9.5 Y:13.4.

You soon find out that Senor Sabotender is actually a Lalafel named Nanaphon wearing a mascot suit. He needs your help getting the word out about the Golden Saucer. Cycle through the different dialogue options and then meet him at X:11.7 Y:14.3. Next, you must spread the word of the Golden Saucer to four patrons around Limsa Lominsa.

Rhoswen can be found on the Upper Decks at X12.9 Y:13.9. Tell her that the Golden Saucer is the perfect place to bring someone, and then suggest she give her crew some respite there.

Lyngsath can be found on the Upper Decks in the Culinarian Guild at X:10.1 Y:8.2. Choosing the third dialogue option will complete his objective.

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Kyokyoroon can be found on the Lower Decks in Hawker’s Alley at X: 6.6 Y12.2. Tell it that it can become a gillionaire to win the beastman over.

Wawalago can be found on the Lower Decks at X8.1 Y:15.2. Tell him that he can feast his eyes on the most gorgeous garb and you will convince him.

Talk with Senor Sabotender on the Upper Decks at X:11.3 Y:13.8 to progress to the Golden Saucer and finish the quest by talking to Ollier there at X:5.0 Y:7.5. This will give you the Ballroom Etiquette – Soliciting Applause reward that can be used to learn both the Show Left and Show Right emote.

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Players looking to earn more rewards will find a lot to pursue with the Arkasodara tribe quests and the Hildibrand quest chain in Patch 6.15.