How to earn the Vidmaster title in Destiny 2

Now you’re playing with power.

Image via Bungie

Loot may be the most important thing on players’ minds in Destiny 2, but one of the other joys of the game is, of course, showing off your achievements to your fellow Guardians. Bungie has added a new way to do just that in the 30th Anniversary pack with the Vidmaster title.

In addition to being a clever nod to a rare title in Halo 3 and a classic set of challenge levels from Marathon Infinity, the new title and its Triumph Seal show off your mastery of Destiny 2’s new Dares of Eternity mode and the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. Just playing through the new content is enough to earn some of the challenges, though others require a bit of strategizing to make the most of your Fireteam and take down some endgame-level enemies. Here’s how to get it done, Guardian.

Spend Treasure Keys in Xûr’s Treasure Room on Eternity

Xur’s domain on Eternity holds chests with the Marathon-themed armor ornaments for each class, as well as other rewards like most of the 30th Anniversary pack weapons and the Unixursal Voyager ship. Each chest requires a specific rank with Xur and a different amount of Treasure Keys depending on the item. Just spending a few of the Keys you earn from playing Dares of Eternity should quickly get this triumph under your belt.

Face each of the Wheel of Adversity’s challenges in Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty

Dares of Eternity works a little differently on its harder Legend difficulty. Matchmaking is turned off, and new modifiers are added on a weekly basis. Enemy rotations stay constant until the weekly reset, so this will likely be one of the triumphs that takes the longest time to finish.

Each challenge corresponds with one of the enemy factions in Dares:

  • Mines defused: Fallen
  • Crystals shattered: Hive
  • Minotaurs defeated: Vex
  • Commanders defeated: Cabal
  • Blight destroyed: Taken

Take down each of these on the Legend version of Dares, and the triumph is all yours.

Defeat final bosses in Dares of Eternity

Both the regular and Legend versions of Dares will count toward this triumph, which should come naturally as you reach the grand finale of Xur’s game show.

Defeat Xûr’s Chosen in the Lightning Round

This triumph requires a combination of luck and skill. Chances to get the Lightning Round after defeating the final boss are randomized, and Xur’s Chosen is an invisible Taken Minotaur that spawns at different points on the field. A higher amount of enemies than usual can make the Lightning Round rather hectic, but keep an eye out for the baddie during the scuffle and take him down to earn the Special Guest Scar triumph and get one step closer to that seal.

Complete Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty with a fireteam of 2 to 4 Guardians

The apex of difficulty for Dares of Eternity is right here: less Guardians, more Champions and modifiers to spice up each fight. Players will want to squad up with a well-armed group of four to face the Legend version of the activity. Make sure all three Champion types are accounted for within the fireteam because of the possibility of each type showing up to ruin a run. Having strong DPS sources in stock is a must as well, with each boss encounter’s health bars cranked up, and mixing in options for add clearing is another must.

Guardians will want to make sure the weapons, armor and subclasses they bring into the fight are a strong fit for each encounter before entering, as their equipment will lock as soon as loading into the activity starts. Dares of Eternity’s a bigger challenge on Legend than the regular version, but endgame-level Guardians should come out on top. You’ll earn a neat multiplayer emote of your Guardians playing a triumphant video game on a couch for your trouble. (How meta.)

Complete Starhorse bounties

The extraterrestrial equine demands excellence. Bounties from Starhorse require players to complete a set of three tasks during a single Dares of Eternity run, and progress resets on each one if players don’t complete all three objectives. Players can only hold one Starhorse bounty at a time.

Fans can whittle away at this triumph with the lower-level bounties, but the most efficient way to get it done is by completing a few of the Weekly and Legend difficulty bounties, which provide additional progress and include more loot from Paraversal Haul rewards.

Earn the Exotic Sidearm, Forerunner

Forerunner is the new Destiny 2 version of the iconic Magnum pistol from Halo: Combat Evolved. Players should easily be able to earn it through the Magnum Opus quest, and getting it adds the associated triumph to your seal.

Complete the “Grasp of Avarice” dungeon

The other marquee offering in the 30th Anniversary is the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, a pirate-themed romp through the insides of the legendary Loot Cave from the original Destiny. With the right Fireteam in tow, Guardians can start the dungeon from the Eternity node in the Director or at the Cosmodrome. Finishing the final encounter earns you the associated triumph.

Earn the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Gjallarhorn

The Loot Cave’s return brought with it the most notorious Destiny weapon ever, the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. Fans can get it by completing the And Out Fly The Wolves quest, which requires a Grasp of Avarice run and a few trivial tasks in the Cosmodrome afterward.

Collect Wilhelm-7’s messages in Grasp of Avarice

The Grasp of Avarice dungeon has twelve messages in a bottle for players to collect, telling the story of an Exo who lost himself to greed inside the Loot Cave.

  • Immediately after the cave entrance
  • Cave entrance after crystal bridge on the right
  • Rusted Gangplank: inside blue booby trapped room on the left
  • Rusted Gangplank: on a high ledge after continuing through the open floodgate
  • Door jumping puzzle sequence: back left room with window inside a crawlspace
  • Office area: Container room behind vents
  • After Phryzia the Ogre boss: inside the next room in a tube on the left
  • Skull face (after end of Sparrow race encounter): to the right of its mouth
  • Skull face: crystal stalactites up top (before drop)
  • Fallen Shield encounter: inside large turbine near the back of the room
  • Fallen Shield encounter: under the middle island
  • Inside the container after defeating the final boss

Grabbing each message earns the “Richest Dead Man Alive” triumph and a super shiny Gjallarhorn ornament called Hraesvelgur. Happy hunting, Guardian!