How to Find a Mercenary Convoy in CoD: MW3 Zombies

The open world of Call of Duty: MW3’s Zombies mode is filled with interesting encounters like Mercenary Convoys that are hard to track.

mercenary convoy call of duty modern warfare 3 zombies

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s a lot to do in the massive open world of Call of Duty: MW3’s Zombies Mode, including random encounters that can surprise players with optional bonuses. One of these is the Mercenary Convoy, but they’re hard to track and even harder to destroy.

Mercenary Convoys in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode are one of the toughest random encounters in the game. Each one is a set of densely packed vehicles filled not with zombies but with living mercenaries who are all armed to the teeth. They can be killed, but players would be wise to go in prepared. Otherwise, they’ll quickly find out how these characters have survived in a zombie-infested exclusion zone.

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How to Find a Mercenary Convoy in CoD: MW3 Zombies Mode

Screenshot by Gamepur

To find a Mercenary Convoy in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode, players must enter the Medium Threat Zone and look for a group of armored trucks driving around in a group of three. These will be marked in red on the map.

We’ve encountered a few Mercenary Convoys, but they’ve only appeared in the Medium Threat Zone, the orange middle circle in the MW3 Zombies map. They also travel into the red area, the High Threat Zone, but the enemies are so tough to beat in there that it’s not worth even attempting to follow without weapons upgraded at least four times from Pack-a-Punch Machines.

Mercenary Convoys are packed with mercenaries. Human enemies that give all payers on the map a hard time because they’re heavily armed. While they mainly stick to the large roads around the middle of the map, we’ve also seen them driving across train tracks. So they could turn up when players least expect it.

How to Defeat a Mercenary Convoy in CoD: MW3 Zombies Mode

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To defeat a Mercenary Convoy in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode, players need to kill every mercenary in the convoy. The easiest way we’ve found of doing this is by shooting the convoy from afar to start the fight. This will cause the mercenaries to hop out of their armored trucks, take up defensive positions, and start shooting back.

Mercenaries are pretty poor shots, so it’s easy to rush up to them and find cover after initiating a gunfight. Providing players have upgraded their weapons, they should be able to kill all the mercenaries quickly, though it’s not a fight to take on solo. A group of at least two players is needed.

I recommend that if players take the time to get a Pet Hellhound before tackling a Mercenary Convoy, they’ll find it much easier. These creatures will make short work of any enemy and have regenerating health, so they will be able to eat a lot of the gunfire and explosions sent their way.

Once players have killed all the mercenaries, they should find a Stronghold Keycard on the floor. This can be used to open a safe in a mercenary stronghold, awarding players with some excellent loot to help them push into the High Threat area of the map.