How to get into the hall of fame in BitLife

An elite among the elite.

Image via Candywriter

It’s every professional athlete’s dream in BitLife to enter the hall of fame to be remembered forever in their respective sport. It takes plenty of dedication and hard work to join it, and not everyone can do it. You have to be among the best of the best, which means practicing your character’s skills nearly every chance you get and ensuring they remain in top shape to perform the best. Your character also has to avoid succumbing to a life-altering injury. Here’s how you enter the hall of fame.

To earn a hall of fame nomination, you can expect to spend plenty of years as a professional athlete. There are numerous sports available for you to join, and you want your character to start working on becoming an esteemed athlete as soon as they enter middle school. You can do this by having them routinely work out, apply to play in the chosen sports club as an extracurricular activity, and then enter it again in high school. Your character has to remain in the sport for at least three years before receiving a professional team offer. Accept the proposal from the team, and then you can start working on your career.

The first thing you need to do is make a fantastic team, starting with your character. You want to practice and improve their lowest skills whenever you have the chance, then age up after you’ve practiced, worked out, modified their diet, and prepared them for another year of hard work. After you’ve done everything required, age up, and see how your team fares. The better your team performs, the more chances your character has to shine and show off their skills. If your team doesn’t do well and scores poorly in championships, try not accepting the team’s next contract, and try to find another group. You want to only do this if your character has relatively high stats and is an esteemed athlete. The more championship rings your character earns, the more influence they acquire in the sport.

You want to remain in the sport for a good chunk of time. We recommend at least twenty to twenty-five years. After you choose to retire from the sport, the next year, depending on how well you did, you should receive a notification that your character has entered the hall of fame.