How to get the A Close Shave hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

For those who like their hair short.

Image via Square Enix

One of the most unique aspects of Final Fantasy XIV that isn’t common in other popular MMOs is the ability to unlock new hairstyles for your character as rewards across the many new expansions and patches that release over time. Square Enix is always looking to broaden hair options in Eorzea, and Patch 6.35 adds an extremely short style called A Close Shave. Here is how to get the A Close Shave hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Where to find the Modern Aesthetics – A Close Shave hairstyle in FFXIV

Image via Square Enix

The Modern Aesthetics – A Close Shave item is what you need to obtain in order to unlock this hairstyle. Getting it is simple in practice but requires a little luck.

Also introduced in Patch 6.35 is the deep dungeon Eureka Orthos. As you venture deep into the hidden laboratory underneath the Crystal Tower, you will sometimes find treasures called the Accursed Hoard. Making it out intact after looting this will provide you with sacks of varying quality based on how deep you go.

Modern Aesthetics – A Close Shave drops from any sack type — Bronze-tinged Sacks, Silver-tinged Sacks, and most reliably from Gold-Tinged Sacks. These goodie bags can drop a lot of rewards, however, so it involves a bit of luck. To open them, you must talk to the NPC Valeroine just outside the entrance to the Crystal Tower where you queue for Eureka Orthos. Her coordinates are (X:35.0, Y:19.2).

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Players who don’t wish to rely on luck will be happy to know that A Close Shave can be purchased on the Market Board. It is also a tradeable item, meaning you can beg for it from a lucky friend provided they are generous, though odds are they will want to learn it themselves.

Most hairstyles are only unlocked for the character that uses the item, so you will have to do this on every character that you want to have the hairstyle. Unlocking the hair option does not automatically change your character’s hair. You must visit the Aesthetician by using the Crystal Bell at any Inn room. Furthermore, unlocking a hairstyle for the character also unlocks it as an option for your retainers.

A Close Shave is also part of the hair options for Viera and Hrothgar characters. These races have been notorious for being excluded from new hairstyles, so it is nice to see that they haven’t been forgotten.