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How to get the Amalgam of Rage mount in World of Warcraft

Horrifyingly cool.

Blizzard loves to reward World of Warcraft players for dabbling in other titles in their repertoire of popular franchises. When Diablo III released, World of Warcraft fans who purchased a one year subscription were given a bunch of goodies, including a mount called Tyreal’s Charger. With Diablo IV, Blizzard is once again offering an amazingly detailed mount in World of Warcraft as a bonus for purchasing the game. Here is all you need to know about getting the Amalgam of Rage mount in World of Warcraft.

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What editions of Diablo IV come with the Amalgam of Rage mount in World of Warcraft?

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The Amalgam of Rage mount is something out of a horror movie, which is right in line with the setting of Diablo IV. It is a three-headed cerberus wolf with large front legs and exposed ribs. Players can ride this mount simply for purchasing Diablo IV.

There are three editions available for Diablo IV, and luckily all of them come with the Amalgam of Rage mount for World of Warcraft. Fans of the MMO don’t need to break the bank to obtain the WoW goodies if they are not hardcore Diablo players.

Can the Amalgam of Rage mount fly in World of Warcraft?

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World of Warcraft enthusiasts will be happy to know the the Amalgam of Rare mount functions as both a ground and flying mount. However, keep in mind that the Dragon Isles continent in Dragonflight only allows flight via Dragonriding at the moment, so you will be stuck on the ground there if you choose to use the Amalgam of Rage as your steed.

The mount has an extremely neat flying animation. The creepy beast will actually sprout fiery wings before lifting off into the sky. This correlates with the Amalgam of Rage’s summoning animation that lights the player on fire before they mount the demon doggo.

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There are a ton of mounts to collect in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and Blizzard has taken steps to make sure that mount collecting isn’t quite as demanding anymore. Luck is still involved to a certain extent, but a lot of the newer mounts simply require patience and effort instead of rolling the dice.

Diablo IV doesn’t launch until June 5, but the Amalgam of Rage mount is available now if you choose to preorder the game. There is also an open beta coming in March.

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