How to get the power rising emote in Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020

Unleashing your ultimate power.

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes event 2020 start end date

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 features a variety of beautiful armor sets and crisp animations with each season that it’s hard to stay away. Those who purchase the seasonal battle pass have the chance to unlock many of them when they become available by leveling up and playing the game. A handful of them are, unfortunately, available only from the Eververse store. A new emote available for the Solstice of Heroes 2020 event is the power rising emote, and anime fans may want to take note and carve some time to check it out. Make sure you keep on top of everything to unlock all of the Warlock, Hunter, and Titan armor sets for the Solstice of Heroes 2020 event.

You can see a full animation of the emote here. It’s reminiscent of when a character from the Dragon Ball Z anime franchise transforms into a Super Sayian, a legendary form of the Saiyans capable of unleashing incredible power. Your Guardian can now tap into their hidden potential to unleash their inner strength.

The emote is available at the Eververse store for 1,000 silver, which equates to $9.99. For many, it’s a far-fetched cosmetic item with a hefty price tag on it. Still, it’s a fun, aesthetic thing that does nothing to your gameplay experience. If you want to toss some money to Destiny 2 before the next expansion, Beyond Light, releases on November 10, it’s not a bad idea. Plus, Destiny 2 will be around for several more years with two more massive expansions planned to take place in 2021 and 2022, so you have plenty of time to get your money’s worth with this emote. Your Guardian does not scream while in this transformation, and it doesn’t take an hour to reach their full power.