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How to get to the Bank of Adal 2nd story office in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Break open the room for a large wad of cash and a secret key.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode holds loot in almost every structure you come across, but only the very best can be picked up from behind locked doors. For instance, soldiers will encounter a locked office at the Bank of Adal that can only be opened with the help of a hidden key. Thankfully, the search for this item will pay off, as the room offers a free killstreak, tons of cash, and a valuable collectible to add to your stash. Here’s how to get the Bank of Adal 2nd Story Office Key and where to use it in DMZ.

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How to find the Bank of Adal 2nd Story Office Key in DMZ

Although most keys can be obtained by doing Faction Missions, the Bank of Adal 2nd Story Office Key only has a chance of being rewarded when looting either enemies and buildings in the Sawah Village POI or completing HVT (or Hunt) contracts. These contracts are marked throughout your tac map, and their icons take the shape of green phones with targets on them. Once one is accepted, your squad will then be tasked with defeating an enemy Operator that already has valuable loot and a high amount of eliminations.

Those able to snatch up the key can discover Bank of Adal’s location on the left side of Sawah Village, just west of the POI’s circular water fountain (as marked below). Meanwhile, the second-story office is set in the middle of the floor and bears a white, spray-painted “X” on its door. Although you will not find many materials, the office gives key owners access to an orange crate that holds $5,000, a Precision Airstrike, and the A.B.F. Antiquities Office Key — the latter of which can be used on the second story of the Al Bagra Fortress.

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Once you have looted the bank, you should then move on to search for other collectible keys, such as the Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key. The warehouse features yet another key that cannot be specifically discovered anywhere as well as a myriad of guns and sellable materials. However, some may find it easiest to get ahold of Stronghold Keycards, as the items only require sacrificing a small sum of cash.

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