How to get Wishing Glass Shards in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

Wishing Glass Shards are very integral to completing the The Coil. Here’s a quick guide on how you can retrieve them and their use.

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The Coil can be quite difficult for less experienced Guardians in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish. Wishing Glass Shards are here to help, but finding them can be quite a challenge, especially when playing with other Guardians.

Like many other online games, Destiny 2 is very open to giving group buffs to players when attempting more difficult content. This has come in many forms over the years, and the system is always being updated to improve accessibility and overall fun gameplay. With Destiny 2: Season of the Wish, Bungie has introduced Wishing Glass, which allows players to purchase buffs (and debuffs) at the beginning of The Coil, which is this season’s Nightfall activity. Of course, Wishing Glass is in short supply, so expect to be competing with your fellow Guardians for Shards in most cases.

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How Do I Find More Wishing Glass Shards in Destiny 2?

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Players can only find more Wishing Glass Shards in Destiny 2 by playing The Coil activity. The easiest ones to get are at the beginning of the activity, where you’ll have the opportunity to smash the pots that appear near the spawning point for Guardians.

Each pot carries one hundred Shards, which is just enough to buy any of the Tier 1 gifts. I found that the jar respawned each time I completed a Coil, so I combined these freebies with the ones I collected in the Strike.

Once the activity begins, Wishing Glass Shards are rarer but can drop from enemies at random. The issue is that the shards are open season for any Guardian that gets to them first. They also like to spawn at odd times; for example, I tend to find a lot of Shards in the middle of gas traps and steep cliffs. If you’re fast enough, you get a nice, healthy amount from bosses as well.

How to Use Wishing Glass Shards With Riven in Destiny 2

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Riven loves these wishing glasses for some reason. She’s even willing to give the team powerful Dragon’s Gifts in exchange for them after each run. These bonuses offer great stuff, but my favorites are Super Accelerant and Minor Protection, which offer a 200% Super recharge ability and defensive bonuses against regular enemies, respectively. After clearing a boss, you’ll get a chance to buy new Dragon’s Gifts with the Glass Shards you’ve collected.