How to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Quick, easy XP is there for the taking.

Image via Epic Games

There are lots of ways to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Pretty much everything you do earns you some XP, so as long as you’re playing, you’ll be levelling up. But the best way to earn XP fast is to focus on completing Quests. All types of Quest reward you XP in themselves, but then there are also big XP rewards for completing Bonus Goals, which are specific numbers of each type of Quest.

Daily Quests

These are simple, repetitive tasks that usually don’t require much skill, but aren’t necessarily easy to complete within 24 hours. Usually you have to collect a certain amount of something (sometimes at a specific location), or inflict a certain amount of a specific type of damage. They award very little XP in themselves, but they’re worth doing because you can usually do them quickly and the Bonus Goals XP awards are pretty big.

Season Quests

This is where you can get the biggest XP rewards, although some of the Quests are quite complicated and time consuming. They’re generally the most fun, and least “grindy” types of quest too. Early Season quests in Season 1 range from landing at the Daily Bugle and placing in the top 25 (which is really easy), to the unlocking of Seven vaults, which are spread across the map and require the cooperation of two players (more difficult, but very rewarding).

Milestone Quests

These Quests require long-term grinding, but there’s a lot of XP to be learned here if you’re up for it. Each stage of each Quest is a grind in itself, and there are 20 stages to each one, so to complete every Milestone Quest would require a huge amount of play time. But it would also reward a huge amount of XP. The easiest ones to get are Destroy Trees, Hunt Wildlife, and Thank The Bus Driver, none of which require much skill or searching around.

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In addition to focusing on quests, always make sure you play modes that are tagged with the XP icon, and keep an eye out for Double XP events, which can crop up at any time during a season, and usually apply to specific modes.