How to remove No Sweat signs from recalled products and place them in an official bin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Make the island a bit greener.

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During Fortnite’s No Sweat Summer Event, players will be tasked with removing No Sweat Insurance signs from recalled products and then responsibly placing them in a recycling bin. Those who take on the challenge will need to find numerous signs, though they only spawn in two particular areas of the map. Here’s how to remove these signs and where you will be recycling them in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Where to remove No Sweat signs from recalled products

For the first stage, you will need to begin this quest by either heading to Sanctuary or Mighty Monument, a landmark island just east of the POI. As you will need to remove three signs, we recommend heading to the Mighty Monument with it having three signs that are not too far from each. Once you’ve found one, simply interact with the sign to remove it from the recalled product. You can find each No Sweat sign and its location below.

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  • No Sweat Sign location #1: The first removable sign can be found within Sanctuary, on a path to the east of the location’s center building. It leans on a stack of cubes and faces toward the beach.
  • No Sweat Sign location #2: The next sign is located southeast of the first, on the same path. It is on the right side of the path, directly across from a beach hut.
  • No Sweat Sign location #3: Another is placed behind the right foot of the Mighty Monument statue. The statue is on a small island directly east of Sanctuary.
  • No Sweat Sign location #4: Not far from the third sign, this No Sweat Sign is on a rock in the bottom-right corner of the Mighty Monument island.
  • No Sweat Sign location #5: Southeast of this island, there is a small patch of land that is home to a replica of The Foundation’s head — and this very last sign.

Where to place No Sweat signs in an official bin

With three No Sweat Signs collected, the second stage will be to track down a recycling bin at either Sanctuary or Mighty Monument. These can be hard to spot, as they come in the form of small, green cans that blend in almost too well with nearby shrubbery. You will only need to head to one of these, but it is best to find the one closest to your last removed No Sweat sign. Each official bin location can be discovered below.

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  • Official bin #1: The fastest way to find this bin is by taking Sanctuary’s dirt path that leads to the nearby beach. From there, head south and it can be discovered next to pair of palm trees.
  • Official bin #2: The second bin sits on the east side of Mighty Monument and is near the location’s Reboot Van.

The quest will then reward you with the Goopy Guff, a red style for the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling. Cosmetic collectors can even chase after five other styles for the Back Bling simply by taking on other No Sweat Summer quests. For instance, players who finish three of them will earn a Peely-inspired Nana Frost style, while a Meowscles’ Tail style is rewarded by placing down No Sweat signs.