How to repair armor in Grounded

Keep the old and don’t use anything new.


In Grounded, your armor degrades over time whenever you receive a hit from an insect, and it takes an exceptionally hard hit after you’ve been downed by a creature and have to retrieve your belongings. You can always choose to craft new armor, but some of the armor pieces are not easily obtainable in the game and could prove time-consuming. You can use another item called armor glue and super armor glue that repairs your armor back to full.

There are two types of armor repair kits: armor glue and super armor glue. Whenever you attempt to repair a piece of armor, it will tell you what kind you need, and you need to meet the specifications. For example, ant armor requires you to use one armor glue to repair it, but bee armor requires that you use one super armor glue. Here are the materials you need to craft these repair kits:

Armor glue

Super armor glue

These items do require you to be in front of a workbench to craft. Once you have them, go to your inventory and right-click the pieces of armor you want to repair. It should have a repair option in the drop-down menu. Click on it, and you should see which repair kit you need to use to bring your armor pieces back up to full capacity. You can repair your armor pieces at any time. However, it costs the same amount even if it’s only partially damaged or completely destroyed. You’re better off waiting until it’s completely destroyed to use any repair kits on it.