How to restore data receivers in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Uncover two receivers and work your way toward defeating the Syndicate.

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Fortnite has never ceased to include lore-driven quests, and Chapter 4 Season 2 is no exception. The latest season features a string of Syndicate challenges, having players prepare for a war with the Syndicate faction. One of the first steps in doing so is by restoring data receivers around the map, but they can be terribly difficult to discover. Here’s where to find the data receivers in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Syndicate questline.

Where to restore data receivers in the Fortnite Syndicate quest

In order to complete this challenge, players must dig up at least two of the three data receivers. These come in the form of tripod-like items that stick out of small dirt hills primarily set in the middle of the map. You must then interact with each to place them upright and finish the quest. All data receivers can be found pictured and detailed below.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Data receiver #1: East of Anvil Square, the first data receiver is next to a log cabin placed in the middle of the medieval and forest region.
  • Data receiver #2: The second receiver is at a sparring arena northwest of Mega City and sits next to the CRZ-8 NPC.
  • Data receiver #3: Lastly, you can pick up one last receiver at the pond east of Mega City. The collectible is on the north side of the water.

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After the challenge is finished, an additional 15,000 XP will be added to your Battle Pass level. However, you will also be asked to then head to computers to find evidence of tampering at particular named locations. The areas the questline directs you toward are arguably some of the hottest drops in the battle royale, so some may find it best to grab the deadly Havoc Pump Shotgun or Kinetic Blade beforehand.